Meet the Team and Their Festive Favourites- Entertainment and Sport

Georgia and Zoe talk us through their festive favourites.

With there being so many festive food options on offer, the Entertainment and Sport Teams talk us through their festive favourites.

Name: Georgia Butcher

Position: Head of Entertainment

Festive Favourite: Yorkshire Puddings

Eggs, flour, a little bit of milk and water and some piping hot fat and patience and BAM: the best accompanying food item for any roast meal: the Yorkshire Pudding. Best when crispy on the outside and warm and fluffy inside, these are, by far, my favourite British staple. And okay, sure, they’re not ‘specifically Christmassy’ but it wouldn’t be Christmas without them, and anyone who says otherwise is just plain wrong. Plus, the best part? If you make them yourself (though store bought is of course perfectly fine) and have some leftover mix, the next morning you can use it for pancakes! (And who doesn’t love pancakes?) Drenched in gravy or with a bit of jam, Yorkshire puddings are, hands down, the tastiest food – come Christmas, I’m gonna be having a whole plate full of them, and it’s gonna be awesome.

Name: Zoe Burgess

Position: Head of Sport

Festive Favourite: Buck’s Fizz

My festive fave is Buck’s Fizz. You’ve woken up on Christmas morning and are regretting that extra drink you had the night before, but you know that the bevs are coming your way to celebrate Santa’s visit (especially if you’ve been naughty and got coal). The best way to get back into the swing of things is a Buck’s Fizz. We have it every Christmas morning along with our breakfast and that juice just cuts the edge off that first prosecco. Although mimosas are acceptable all year round, there’s something magical and Christmassy about the Buck’s Fizz!

Words by Georgia Butcher and Zoe Burgess. Words collated by Rosa Morgan. 

Featured image courtesy of Kevin Dooley via Flickr, no changes made to this image. Image license can be found here.

Article images courtesy of Sophie Hunt.

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