Meet the Team and Their Festive Favourites – Features

With there being so many festive food options on offer, the Features Team talk us through their festive favourites.

Name: Natasha Fernandes

Position: Head of Features

Festive Favourite: Mince Pies

For me, mince pies are a timeless classic. They are a staple for Christmas and I think, quite controversially, for all year round. Every year, I am told by someone new that they simply do not like mince pies and never have done. At times I feel personally offended that they can’t appreciate a mince pie as much as me. But I aim to convert! I tell the mince pie-cynics out there that they won’t be able to resist one fresh from the oven and accompanied with a dab of brandy butter (the game changer). The season hasn’t truly begun until I have gorged myself on at least twelve of these festive favourite – one for every day of Christmas.

Name: Shanai Momi

Position: Features Editor

Festive Favourite: Roast Potatoes

So, it’s Christmas time, you’re planning the festive food shopping list and the family all seem to have different dishes in mind. The one thing we can all agree is an absolute necessity? The Golden Roast Potatoes! It’s just not the holidays without them. We all love this perfectly seasoned, well-buttered, and crispy side dish… so much so that we often pile up our plates, hardly leaving room for much else. To enhance the taste, I highly recommend adding some extra herbs to garnish with a dash of olive oil, perfect with practically any meal!

Name: Faye Price

Position: Comment Editor

Festive Favourite: Pigs in Blankets

A necessary accompaniment to any Christmas menu… I give you the pig in a blanket. Whether you’re a meat lover who just can’t get enough, or you’re looking to spice up your typical Christmas spread, these mini additions are always a great shout. Vegetarian or vegan? No worries – Morrisons are currently offering a Veggies in Blanket alternative, featuring a blend of tomato, potato, mushroom and basil wrapped in aubergine. With such a variety of choice, you can’t possibly go wrong with this delicious little extra.

Words by Natasha Fernandes, Shanai Momi, and Faye Price. Words collated by Rosa Morgan. 

Featured image courtesy of Kevin Dooley via Flickr, no changes made to this image. Image license can be found here.

First and third article images courtesy of Sophie Hunt.

Second article image courtesy of Shanai Momi. 

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