Nottingham’s Best Takeaways

Miriam talks us through the best takeaways that Nottingham has to offer

There’s nothing like getting a takeaway when uni gets too much or when you just want a little comfort. Here’s my top four takeaways for when I need a takeaway fix.


“I’ll always defend Su’San as being the best.”

Everybody has a favourite Chinese in Nottingham and I’ll always defend Su’San as being the best. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s reasonably priced and delicious, as well as the portion sizes being good. For £8 you can get a huge A1 banquet meal for one and it’s the best thing after a long day.

Sea Fish

Situated opposite Jubilee Campus, Sea Fish is the best Fish and Chip shop in Nottingham. Being in the Midlands and nowhere costal, I wasn’t convinced that a Fish and Chip shop in the Midlands could be as good as the seaside ones that I’m used to, but it lived up to my expectations, and offered a good price. It becomes a real issue though if you walk home from University every day and smell it – I can’t help myself going in sometimes!

Heavenly Deserts

“If you need a sugar rush, this is the place to go.”

For those with a sweet tooth, Heavenly Desserts offer incredible waffles and crepes, and these can become a real addiction. They also deliver a range of cakes, cookie dough, milkshakes and drinks. If you need a sugar rush, this is the place to go.

Coor’s Jerk Spot

The Jamaican takeaway in the heart of Lenton is a much-loved student takeaway famous for their Jerk chicken. I think what makes this place really great is that it all tastes so authentic and this authenticity is something that they love to promote. Look out for Fish Thursdays – it’s a treat.

“I like to support local places over franchises”

Of course, there’s so many more amazing takeaways, these are only a few. Generally, I like to support local places over franchises but with Deliveroo in Lenton, it makes getting Nando’s as a takeaway easy and far too tempting.

Miriam Thompson 

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