Rosa’s Recommendation of the week: Sexy Mamma Love Cicchetti

Charlotte talks us through this week's restaurant recommendation

Sexy Mamma Love Cichetti (not spaghetti, its sister restaurant just around the corner) is on Carlton St, as you head into the indie area that is Hockley.

The staff were super friendly upon our arrival, kindly giving us the candle-lit street-view seat. We were there on a Friday night and it was fairly busy, with a large group of people sat on a central table in the restaurant. However, despite initial worries, the restaurant was not too loud, with the open ceiling above us meaning the sound was not confined to the seating area.

“we left Sexy Mamma feeling satisfyingly full”

I was very pleasantly surprised by the food prices on the menu, with not a single dish costing more than £12. We opted for the ‘Piatto di Formaggi’, which was a selection of beautiful Italian cheeses, crackers, and topped off with some green and purple grapes. This was a fairly small portion but enough for the two of us to be satisfied until our mains came (we had already tucked in before I remembered to take a picture!)

For our main courses, we ordered the Tortelloni al Miele e Pecorino (Honey and Pecorino pasta) and the Mozzarella Arancini (Deep fried risotto balls) Aiolo. The menu, although extremely extensive was so appealing, with it being difficult to choose between any of their dishes. They offer dishes for vegetarians, pescetarians and meat-eaters (carne), meaning they accommodate for all taste types.

The service was extremely swift, but we were disheartened by the very small portion sizes. However, the food tasted amazing, particularly the honey flavoured pasta which satisfied my sweet taste buds whilst not feeling unhealthy. The risotto balls were also very flavoursome and very filling. We shared a bottle of red wine which was perfect for washing down all this flavoursome Italian-esque food. Despite the very small portion sizes (pictured below), we left Sexy Mamma feeling satisfyingly full. If you think your appetite is too big for these portion sizes, most dishes are offered in a larger size, which is less than double the price of the smaller portion.

Not only was the food reasonably priced and moreish to eat, but the restaurant’s interiors were dimly lit, with shelves full of wines lining the walls and red candles spread around every table that created a vintage and romantic atmosphere. I would say this restaurant is a perfect choice for your next date night…

Charlotte Hegley

All images courtesy of Charlotte Hegley.

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