Rosa’s Recommendation of the Week: Suede

Honor talks us through this week's recommendation.

Suede Bar is tucked out of sight round a corner of Hockley, at the end of Heathcoat street. It’s not the easiest to spot, I’ve been several times and still can’t see it until I’ve stumbled past it. Luckily, this disguise works in its favour as it means that it’s not very busy whenever I’ve been in.

Despite an unassuming exterior, its interior is quite the opposite. Bold and fun, the retro décor gives the small space a cheery laid-back vibe. On the walls you’ll find quirky signs, colourful graphics and TVs playing old-school films on silent.

“Their sourdough base is tasty, non-greasy and almost makes pizza…healthy?”

They offer 14 different pizzas (all £11 and under) or a variety of different topping options if you want to build your own. Naming themselves ‘Nottingham’s best tasting pizza’ is bold claim, but to be fair, I might have to give it to them. Their sourdough base is tasty, non-greasy and almost makes pizza…healthy? It’s light enough that I don’t feel weighed down by a ton of bricks and makes eating a whole pizza a bit easier, although I find that easy enough to do already.

They might have good dough, great setting and a blissful lack of crowds, but the thing I like best about Suede is their bargains. Not only is their menu very reasonably priced, but on Tuesdays and Wednesdays all pizzas are 2-4-1. In fact, they have a lot of things going on throughout the week. Sunday nights at Suede include a movie and quiz, with free pizza and beer, whilst Fridays and Saturdays are live music and DJ nights. And if you keep an eye on their social media you might be able to book yourself a table at one of their random Thursdays, which involve as much pizza as you can fit for £15.

I think I’ve shouted their praises enough. Now that I’ve made myself hungry, I’m going to whip myself up a wrap and pretend its a Suede pancetta and ricotta stuffed calzone.

Honor Sangster 

All images courtesy of Suede Bar via Facebook

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