UoN start Varsity brightly on Super Wednesday

The University of Nottingham started this year’s Varsity series in superb fashion on Super Wednesday, winning 11-2 overall on the day. The green and gold’s emphasised their superiority yet again over their city rivals across a range of sports including archery, wheelchair basketball and athletics.

The University of Nottingham’s men’s dodgeball team started the day confidently, beating Trent 11-9. After a tight encounter the green and gold’s squeezed past their opponents and held their nerve. However, the women’s team fell short of their Trent opponents, losing 10-8, but in the mixed game the green and golds secured the overall point winning 8-4.

In Ultimate the green and gold’s claimed a 15-10 win to secure another point, and soon the trampoline team joined them similarly winning their contest. Simple but effective seemed to be the policy of the trampoline team in their victory.

The wheelchair basketball team followed suit, producing an emphatic display in their match against Trent, winning 39-20. Out on the track the athletics teams locked horns, with notable wins for the green and gold’s being in the 3000m and the women’s 100m relay, but with Trent winning the mixed relay. Overall the University of Nottingham won the athletics and took the point, making the Super Wednesday score 6-1.

“The continued development of the sport programme at the University has seen the green and golds better a very good Trent side”

Soon after, the archery team sealed the Super Wednesday point for the University of Nottingham with a comprehensive win across all three teams. The volleyball proved a very successful sport on the day for the green and golds, winning decidedly in both the men’s and women’s competition, with the women winning 3-0 and the men winning 3-0.

So for yet another year the Varsity Super Wednesday was a major success for the University of Nottingham. The continued development of the sport programme at the University has seen the green and golds better a very good Trent side consistently, and let’s hope they can carry on the same trajectory for the rest of this year’s competition. See below for the full round-up of scores.

Final Scores

Men’s Dodgeball – 11-9

Women’s Dodgeball – 8-10

Mixed Dodgeball – 8-4

Ultimate – 15-10

Wheelchair Basketball – 39-20

Women’s Volleyball – 3-0

Men’s Volleyball – 3-0

Archery – 2-1

Tennis – 6-10

Horseball – 8-6

Tristan Simpson

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Featured image courtesy of @UoNSport, via Twitter.


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