UoN Super Sunday Preview

The second of the ‘Super’ Varsity events is being held at David Ross on 31st March.

This year’s Super Sunday offers 11 matches and will hopefully be another white wash, as last year the same fixture saw us thrash Trent 12-0. The event will see sports from Canoe Polo to Table Tennis and Squash and Badminton all try to retain their spoils from last year.

Last year’s karate saw the closest match in the series as it finished 100-100 and we took it as we’d received more golds. We spoke to the President of the Club, Olivia Walker, who said “the team has really progressed this year and we’ve had a really successful BUCS”. She also told us they are trying to get more spectators in and its worth a watch as its an up and coming and skilful sport and the team definitely have what it takes to win.

The 2018 Fencing match saw us win 135-106 and Club President, Cara Chambers, thinks we can win once again but it’ll be a close match. She said ‘”they’re a strong team” but with a supportive crowd “it will make us want to get more points and win the match”.

“We’re hoping for a lot of support this year”

Emily Richardson, President of the Handball Club, told us both men’s and women’s matches will be tight. UoN men played Trent earlier in the season and lost by only one goal, so they’ll be determined for revenge. She told us they’re hoping for a lot of support this year and said “if you haven’t seen it before, the men’s matches are all about speed and power and the women’s games are more about tactics” and that “it’s nice to watch a different kind of contact sport where players are more agile”.

“I’m excited for how it’s going to go this year”

The two sports that we surely have in the bag are Swimming and Water Polo, as we have never surrendered the Varsity points in both. Alec Lewis, President of the Swimming Club, said “I’m excited for how it’s going to go this year” and that “there’s a big rivalry between us but we’ve had our best year ever in terms of BUCS points and we’ve never lost before”. The President of Water Polo, Ben Warner, told us how the men’s and women’s 1sts have won every single game this season and that “it will be an entertaining game to watch”.

The fixtures on home turf will hopefully play to our advantage once more and give us another step towards that coveted Varsity victory. Get yourself onto University Park to support the Green and Gold for free this Sunday. The events run from 12:00-19:00 and every team needs that extra voice in the crowd to spur them on.

Zoe Burgess

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Featured image courtesy of Nottingham Varsity Series, via Facebook.


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