Creative Corner: ‘Decisions’ Showcase

A collection of poetry on the theme of 'Decisions'

May is a month of decisions for many, especially as the coursework deadlines draw to a close. As many students look for internships, and others towards graduation, it’s a time of change. With this in mind, it felt only appropriate to put together a showcase on the theme of ‘decisions’.



I have grown weary,
lethargic from retiring
the part of my soul designed to love.
I have to protect my heart,
for another blast to it may
take all I have left.
I am withdrawing my love,
it has been fighting in vain
for too many months now.
The stereo plays with my emotions;
“I know it wouldn’t come to love,
my heroine pretend”
How true, I am a falsity.
A projection or a place card,
a reminder of what is to come
without fulfilling its job.
I am tired from this retraction,
from the training of my heart
to love again, and another.
I dream to sleep, to pass
idle hour on the never-ending repeats
of your laugh, and scent,
and scolding jests.
I sleep to dream of you.
To live in the moment when
I was enough to make you wonder,
wander into my head.

Holly Wilson


A Haiku of Uncertainty

A degree now done,
I’m left unsure what comes next,
Only time will tell.

Georgia Butcher


None Can Pretend

Mediate, castigate, break down
Scars; don’t want to pretend what you really
Are- when what you see, is what you
Feel: tired of hiding from all that is
Real, real to you, just real to
Them: who re-write your story with their old ink

Watch it crumble all away after
You, you do:
put out that hand,
Crumple into ashes, like paper, to make your
Stand: tear the evidence
Tear down them all
Re- wear what they’d stolen and rise up from

Your fall
You can now stand tall,
Choose not to pretend it any

Olivia Morel


Stay tuned for next month, where poems will revolve around the theme ‘Transition’. To get your work featured, send your submissions to

Featured image courtesy of Georgia Butcher.
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