The Playwright Launch Party

Lucy talks us through the opening of Nottingham's newest bar.

This May, The Playwright, a new bar on Shakespeare Street, opened its doors to Nottingham, promising to be the stylish summer bolthole of 2019.

Bathed in shades of deep greens and blues, the cosy, colonial décor features cream lampshades and patterned tiles on the wall. The bar, owned by the Charles Wells group and run by a core team of 20, was buzzing on Wednesday with the reveal of the new menu, with a prosecco reception and flurry of cocktail tasting.

“The Cherry Cola tastes like a Lana Del Rey song.”

The Playwright’s cocktail menu is designed to quickly turn out drinks to thirsty customers, with colour and impact in mind. Cocktails cost £8, and £5 during Happy Hour which is TBC. Alongside the classics of the Mojito, Cuba Libre and Amaretto Sour, the Street Lemonade is a fruity citrus cooler, and the Blue Steel is sapphire and refreshing. The Cherry Cola tastes like a Lana Del Rey song, and the Caribbean Crush is like sipping on a peach cloud. The classic Cosmo is a deep coral, with a burnt orange aroma. Beyond this, pints cost £4-5, singles are between £3 and £5, and doubles £6-9.

The menu at the Playwright is designed to wow through its indulgence and simplicity. Based around Pizzas, Pots and Pints, the menu features fresh pizzas and pots of terracotta one-pot meals costing between £8 and £12. This wide range of affordable food makes it a welcoming pub for the summer, with Vegan and Gluten Free options available. The Grazer Platter to start featured garlic focaccia and Mediterranean-style veggies and houmous, but the menu also offers a meaty-equivalent option, or chicken wings.

“A range of indulgent and unusual pizzas are on offer.”

For mains, a range of indulgent and unusual pizzas are on offer. The Lardo pizza features prosciutto and spinach with an egg in the middle, arriving with a range of sauces, including sriracha and baconnaise. The pot of chicken and chorizo tagine was hearty and comforting but light, tasting like a summer evening in Tuscany. For those with endless appetites, I’d recommend the cheesy garlic flatbread on the side or the cheesy leek gratin.

For dessert, the brownie melts in the mouth, and from the range of sorbets, the blood orange is divine for those who don’t want something too sweet.

“The Playwright will surely be the highlight of the exciting social scene in Nottingham this summer.”

Formerly The Orange Tree, the venue takes over the much-loved pub and promises to live up to every expectation for both locals and students. With hireable event space, each room has a different atmosphere for a range of celebrations. With a host of music events on the horizon, The Playwright will surely be the highlight of the exciting social scene in Nottingham this summer.

Don’t miss out on 2-4-1 pizzas on ‘Happy Mondays’, or a free portion of wings with every Charlie Wells pint on ‘Wingman Wednesdays’.


Lucy Miles

Featured image courtesy of The Playwright.

Article images courtesy of Lucy Miles.

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