Best Summer Bags of 2019


Whether your weekend is by the sea or in a city I have the best bags for you…

When searching for the perfect bag to fit all of the essentials in, it can be quite daunting scrolling through page after page of search results, which is why I have done that for you.

Whether you are in need of a new bag to put your beach towel and sun cream in, or simply a bag that fits everything you need for an overnight stay in I’ve got you covered.

To start with I’ve picked out three appropriate bags to accompany you on those long hot days spent at the beach, just don’t forgot to pack your sunglasses!

  1. MIAMI white mesh tote bag from Topshop– £10.00
  2. Hungry lobster tote bag by Skinnydip from Topshop– £24.00
  3. Whistles Ashby large straw beach bag from ASOS– £89.00

Now if a weekend at the beach isn’t for you, perhaps you are in need of the perfect bag for a city break instead. So here is my top three weekend break bags made to be shown off in the city.

  1. Kelly Tote bag from Topshop– £26.00
  2. Grey RI monogram weekend travel bag from River Island– £40.00
  3. Herschel Supply Co novel mid volume duffle bag – £85.00


“What caught my eye about it was that all the products in the Made in Kenya range help to improve local communities”

In my search for all of these bags I also came across an interesting bag on ASOS, the Made in Kenya shopper with star embroidery costing £25.00. This bag could be used as a beach bag, city break bag or even just when you have a lot of stuff to take somewhere.

What caught my eye about it was that all the products in the Made in Kenya range help to improve local communities by not only creating jobs but also providing training to up skill local workers in fashion.

So for that reason I had to include it in this article even though I couldn’t decide which list to put it on.

Ultimately a bag is a key accessory for both practical and stylish reasons, so finding the perfect one can often be a challenge…

Kayleigh Moore

Featured image courtesy of Jussie D.Brito via Flickr. Image use license here.

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