Society Spotlight: Nottingham Uni Boob Team

If you’re honest with yourself, how often do you actually give your boobs/pecs a proper check-over? Yeah, two years ago I can’t say that I thought about it much either. The Notts Uni Boob Team (UBT) are here to change that!

We represent CoppaFeel! at UoN. They are an awesome charity who are working towards a world where all breast-cancer is detected at the earliest possible stage because this greatly increases the chance of survival and the efficacy of treatments. Their primary focus is young people and the UBT’s set-up across the country aim to spread their message on campus. We want to get as many uni students knowing their bodies and checking their boobs/pecs as possible!

It’s not all doom and gloom though – while the message Notts UBT spreads is a very serious one, we aim to keep our campaigns positive and very much enjoy dressing up as boobs and getting our glitter on to spread the boob-checking message as far as we can!

This year the team is relatively small as sadly a lot of last year’s members graduated. So, as always, we really want to welcome as many new members as we can. It’s a super friendly group so don’t worry if you’re a little nervous about meeting new people because we want to meet you too!

Can anyone join?

YES! The UBT welcomes everyone and anyone! Whilst breast cancer is most commonly associated with women it can affect anyone and we want our team to reflect that, so everyone is welcome.

What does being a member actually involve?

We are actually classified as a student-run volunteering project by the SU rather than a society. So essentially, being a member means volunteering with the UBT, and that means talking boobs! Whether it’s helping to organise one of our fundraiser events, or dressing-up as a boob and hitting a night out, or going into the halls of residence, all you need to do is be willing to talk to people about why it’s important to know your body and encourage them to sign up for text reminders to check their boob/pecs.

Find out more

We will be at the fresher’s fair on University Park on the 23rdand 24thof September where you can come and see us to find out more. If you want more information about CoppaFeel! then head to their website – it’s packed full of boob-related info, from where the charity began to their guide on how to check your boobs properly. And, text UBT NOTTS to 70500 for a free monthly reminder to check your boobs!

Overall, being a member of the Notts Uni Boob Team has been such a fun experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to join a friendly and positive team who are working towards a really important cause!

May Perrin

Send a message to/join the Notts Uni Boob Team 2019-20 Facebook page for more information, or if you prefer Instagram you can also find us there @ubtnottingham!

Images courtesy of Notts Uni Boob Team. 

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