All I Want for Christmas is…to be single?

Being single at Christmas holds certain stigmas and presumptions, and for some can be a daunting prospect. Lauren offers an insight into why not being in a relationship during the festive period wasn’t such a bad thing. 

Perhaps it’s my penchant for solo activities like knitting and reading books, but I’ve never felt particularly lonely being single over Christmas, though it is something many of us singletons experience at this time of year.

I can’t emphasise how appealing not sharing food is when it comes to glorious Christmas delicacies.

On a brighter note, in terms of food consumption being single is brilliant: more for you. There’s no one eating your favourite chocolates out of the selection boxes, or scoffing the last mince pie. Honestly, I can’t emphasise how appealing not sharing food is when it comes to glorious Christmas delicacies!

Being single does NOT mean being completely alone. 

On a genuinely serious note, one of the nicest parts of Christmas is having a few days away from a busy university schedule to spend time with your loved ones. Relationships come and go, but it’s your family and friends who will stay by your side. Sure, Hollywood might suggest that romantic relationships are the ultimate type of relationship- but being single does not mean being completely alone.

Make some time for that all important person: yourself. 

Platonic friendships and family relationships tend to be side-lined when we think about snuggling up with a partner whilst watching a Christmas movie or going to Christmas markets. But being single gives you more time to spend seeing friends or family instead. Plus, having some time off and no relationship commitments means you can make some time for that all important person: yourself. From watching movies, to baking, to decorating the tree- you can take that spare cash that would have gone on a partner’s present and treat yourself!

To alter a famous Christmas song: “All I want for Christmas is… me”

Lauren Winson

Featured image courtesy of Chung Ho Leung via Flickr. Image license found here.  No changes were made to this image. 

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