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University Mental Health Day 2020

University Mental Health Day 2020 is on Thursday the 5th of March.

This year’s University Mental Health day falls on Thursday the 5th of March. 2020’s theme: random acts of kindness. It is the hope of organisers to raise awareness of the fact that doing even the smallest acts for others can help their mental health, as well as your own. To celebrate the University of Nottingham will be hosting more than a week’s worth of events starting Monday 2nd March. Not exactly sure what events are happening? Impact has you covered. 

To start the week off Student Service will host two stall events at the Royal Derby Hospital on Monday 2nd and City Hospital on the 3rd. Here the Support and Wellbeing team will lead a number of activities including the erection of a Wall of Kindness and the selling of Complement coasters.

On Wednesday the 4th Student Services encourage students to pay a visit to the Wellbeing Café on Jubilee Campus. The Wellbeing Café is a place where students can go to have a hot drink, grab a snack and talk informally with the Support and Wellbeing team about mental health.

Thursday is University Mental Health day and sees an array of events happening around University Park campus. Between 11am and 2pm the Maps and Minds events will take place. This is an event where students can meet staff and find those maps that have meaning to them. Alongside this, there will be the opportunity to mark on a map the locations where you have experienced or carried out a random act of kindness.

If maps aren’t your cup of tea and you’d like to have a chat over free hot drinks and biscuits with SU Wellbeing, Library and sports staff, Chaplaincy or student run groups, then pop down to C floor in Portland Building between 11am and 2pm. Later in the day, between 2-3pm a workshop on boosting resilience and dealing with adversity will take place.

“Libraries are running exciting mystery book swaps between the 5th and 12th of March”

Also throughout Thursday, Student Services will be running their stall activities at services centres across campus. Cripps Health Centre will also be open to drop in for a cup of herbal team and the opportunity to create a self-soothing kit as an act of kindness to yourself.

Don’t worry if you’re not around on University Park on these days. If you’re on Sutton Bonington Campus look out for the Guild, who are running a giveaway style competition with the chance to win prizes. Also, on Sutton Bonington, a workshop about sleeping better at university will be run at 2pm.

Perhaps quiet time with a good book is your favourite way to take care of your mental health. Lucky for you, Libraries across campus are running exciting mystery book swaps between 5th and 12th March.

To round off a jampacked few days of events, Welfare Officer Myles and the Welfare Network will be around in Portland Coffee from 6.30pm on the 12th of March to chat, play games and make origami.

For more information on how to get involved any the events mentioned, visit the information page here. 

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