Valentine’s Dates: Town or Campus?

If you’re not planning staying in with a takeaway this year with your significant other and fancy getting out and about – you may be thinking of heading out into town this Valentine’s Day.

Nottingham’s City Centre is full of hidden gems

Nottingham’s City Centre is full of hidden gems that make a great evening, from independent cinemas to the best affordable food. First on the list is Broadway Cinema on Broad St, about 5 minutes walk from Old Market Square. It is an independent cinema that has its own Mezzanine Bar where they serve pizza (with vegan options), burgers and even a greek platter. If you and your significant other wanted to see the Oscar award winning film ‘Parasite’, ‘Queen and Slim’ (which looks amazing), or ‘Emma’ – they’re all screening on Valentine’s.

However, if you’re a more laid back couple and would prefer to grab some pizza – Mod Pizza do amazing and affordable pizza – also with vegan options. Mod are located just opposite the Old Market Square tram stop. This would be great if you wanted something easy, but still enjoyable with the feeling of an occasion happening.

If you were looking for something a bit more fancy, Yamas Meze and Tapas is a great tapas bar inspired by Greek and Mediterranean cooking, located on Thurland Street. It has a relaxed but somewhat formal vibe to it.

If you’re a couple that has an eye for cocktails this might be your cup of tea, or well, your cocktail.

Lastly, my favourite cocktail bar in Nottingham: 400 Rabbits. This is a great location for drinks before or after a meal- if you’re a couple that has an eye for cocktails this might be your cup of tea, or well, your cocktail. Located on Hurts Yard, a short walk from the city centre, it has a funky Mexican interior and an amazing cocktail menu.

However, if these things aren’t for you and you’re on a budget – remember there is always options like having a movie night, make playlists together, having a games night, doing facemasks that are just as enjoyable. And if you’re single then… well Deliveroo will never break your heart.

Nina Slater

When you’re thinking of where to take your date, your university campus may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But, with idyllic green scenes and hidden gardens, our campus has some gems.

The walk around the lake gives you plenty of time to talk and get to know each other

The lake in Highfields park provides a serene escape from the bustle of university life. The walk around the lake gives you plenty of time to talk and get to know each other, and there are plenty of benches dotted around to take a rest. As you walk around, you will spot rabbits and all sorts of birds, and as the lake is popular with dog walkers, you may have a chance to pet some cute puppies. On the west end there are steppingstones where you can cross over, close to a small waterfall which adds to the lake’s beauty. On the other side of the lake there is a café in the Lakeside Arts Centre you can go to if you’re feeling peckish, but often there is an ice cream van nearby as well!

Another cute spot is the Millennium Garden. Tucked behind the Law and Social Sciences building, you may not realise that it is there. The well-kept garden has many picnic tables where you can share a meal together amongst the flowers. There are plenty of other gardens spread around campus you could also visit, such as the Highfields House Walled Garden and the Jekyll Garden.

With tickets at only £5, you can’t go wrong

Alternatively, you could go and see a show at The Nottingham New Theatre. This theatre makes a very unique date, as it is the only entirely student run theatre in the country. There are many different plays running most weeks this spring, and with tickets at only £5, you can’t go wrong.

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