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Teaching and Learning Building renamed after International Women’s Day

In honour of International Women’s Day on Sunday, 8th March, the University of Nottingham have given their students the opportunity to rename their very own Teaching and Learning Building after an inspirational woman.

When the building opened in 2018, Teaching and Learning (T&L) received a lot of criticism for its notably basic name. Last year, the university asked students to nominate women who have made a significant contribution to teaching, learning or research. After over 100 nominations, three have now been shortlisted and students have the opportunity to rename the new building in their honour.

The women that are shortlisted include: Meena Alexander, an award-winning poet and scholar, Helena Brownsword Dowson, a champion of women’s suffrage and education, and Monica Partridge, the University of Nottingham’s first woman professor.

“The remaining names that are not chosen will be considered for any future buildings on campus”

The building will be renamed with the woman with the most votes. However, the remaining names that are not chosen will be considered for any future buildings on campus.

As yet, of the University’s 13 listed buildings on campus, none are named after a woman. The building itself is impressive, with a 306 seat lecture theatre and 16 classrooms, all with advanced technology – but the search to find an equally impressive name continues.

You can find out more information and vote here: (,P8B,1IY7P,2D1L,1)

Safa Shahid

Featured image courtesy of The University of Nottingham website.

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