We were on a break with Friends … perhaps we should still be on one?

OH. MY. GAWWWDDD. It’s time to squeal Janice style because a new episode of Friends will soon be on our screens.

People want a reunion, and people will watch it. But in reality, will they be getting what they imagined?

We see revivals as a trend all the time, with shows like Fuller House, Gilmore Girls, Will and Grace, and now Friends.  It’s almost as though people are yearning for one more chance to relive that nostalgia, but are we celebrating these shows for their contribution to the industry or are we chasing the memories and moments that these shows represented in our lives? No matter what, we will soon have another Friends episode and it is making people giddy. But should we be?

Ever since the last episode of Friends released in 2004, all people have ever asked for is a reunion. They didn’t know what they wanted or how they wanted it, all they knew is that they wanted to see these characters come alive onscreen again. But there are a few things to consider. For starters, can a show like Friends fit into our current climate? Whilst being a big fan myself, the show was politically incorrect in numerous ways – something that added to its humour unfortunately. So, eliminating that humour, will we still see Friends for what it used to be?

Friends has always been the show about the carefree group of people in their twenties and thirties.  We loved their lack of responsibility, their ability to laze around in coffee shops all day long. But what we need to remember is that the reunion will show these characters in their fifties, so are we going to be disappointed seeing them in a different stage of their lives? Audiences get attached to characters not because of simply who they are, but what they represent to us. The emotions, the ambitions – we start to live vicariously through these characters. It is undeniable that we won’t be seeing what we saw on screen almost two decades ago. People want a reunion, and people will watch it. But in reality, will they be getting what they imagined? 

The episode will be shown on HBO Max – a new screening platform. Though a smart move to garner audiences for this new platform, I can’t help but question the impact this decision will have on how we remember Friends. The optimist within me believes that we’re getting to see something we loved once again, the magic will be created, and people will love it. But deep down in the pit of my belly all I can think of is, will this episode just be a low point?


Friends holds a dear place in audiences’ hearts, but the question remains: is our desire to see the show once again worth risking the possibility of ruining the high note that it ended on? The stakes are high, expectations are high, and the episode is unscripted. Will we be seeing the witty relatable characters, or will we be seeing Hollywood superstars that have been coaxed into creating content that advertises HBO Max?

Do I believe the reunion is necessary? No. But all we can do is hope for the episode to live up to its expectations and avoid inducing a Ross’s sandwich style meltdown.

We were definitely on a break, and maybe I’d prefer us to still be on one.

Fatema Valikarimwala

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