Style in Fitness; TCA Review

A review of TCA’s Underground collection – it makes fitness fashionable.

Its clichés such as ‘summer bodies are made in winter’ and ‘look good feel good’ that compel fitness fanatics to venture outside their physical comfort zones, challenge their boundaries (and also head to the gym at 6am) to be an embodiment of health.

However, not all of us need or do go to that extreme. Just generally incorporating fitness into your lifestyle whether that is lifting heavy weights at the gym, smashing those home workout DVDs or even going for a stroll in the park, it’s proven to shape your mind into a healthier and happier one.

However, whilst I give it praise, I confess working out itself isn’t the most glamorous of hobbies, so having fitness wear that’s stylish whilst simultaneously practical is a massive bonus and TCA’s new Underground range epitomises this duality.

Fresh oceanic tones that complement any shape or size.

The award winning sportswear brand that first kicked off in 2012 provides a range of fashionable activewear from Tees & Tanks to Hoodies & Gilets in a range of crisp sophisticated darker shades.

The company notes that ‘hard work and determination are required to keep making progress and pushing boundaries’ which can be seen as an indirect reminder to their customers and society in general that testing our limits and motivating ourselves helps us develop into our best self, despite the initial struggles we may face.

I was very fortunate to receive the ‘Relentless Leggings in Atlantic Deep’ from their new Underground collection to try out and I love them. I picked this colour because of the fresh oceanic tones that complement any shape or size. Having such cool tones makes the outfit ideal ‘not just for working out but if you’ve got errands to run or are even just heading into town’ said my friend Amelia.

the quality of the leggings is amazing and the material is so comfortable

Fitness wear that also has a fashionable element generalises its use. You can wear it to the corner shop or even if you’re just lounging about because if it praises your shape and is comfortable, why not?

Of course the brand is mainly catered to the athletes of the world and a fundamental feature of any good sportswear is strong quality, and as noted by my friend Lauren who also gave them a try ‘the quality of the leggings is amazing and the material is so comfortable’ making them both practical and long lasting.

The material itself provides a tight supportive fit but not in a restrictive way due to its elasticated like fabric allowing for diversity in body shapes. This ensures that what you’re wearing is not a hindrance to your performance but rather aids it.

Sportswear itself can often be a difficult type of clothing to style, especially when they’re known for being figure hugging thus exposing ones physique. Therefore, it’s important when you do pick fitness related clothing its one that enhances your confidence as its true that when you look good you do feel good, and being comfortable in your skin is a prominent necessity if you want to develop your style and yourself in general and luckily TCA’s variety in their pieces caters for all.

So even if you smash the gym everyday or you head to yoga, make sure you love what you’re wearing whilst you do it as like I previously said, a healthier mind is a happier mind.

Big love to TCA you have some seriously sweet stuff!

Harriet Mills

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