Hidden Gems Of England

I love a good weekend away in the UK just as much as going abroad. With travel being a bit trickier this summer than before, why not visit somewhere interesting in the UK instead?

From beaches to villages to rural towns, the UK has so much on offer and if you are lucky it might not even rain for your trip (take a brolly just in case!). I’ve given four hidden gems from around the UK to get your ideas flowing for summer plans.


Porth Joke Beach, Newquay

Cornwall is beautiful and has so many beaches it would be easy to just go for the big tourist sites like Fistral Beach that are famous for their surfing. However, often if you keep walking a bit further along side roads and lanes you will find hidden beauties like Porth Joke Beach, where locals escape from tourists. These are a lot quieter, and in my opinion nicer, than the big beaches.


Matlock, Derbyshire

Matlock is a gorgeous village on the edge of the Peak District and provides a great base to go exploring. The village itself is extremely scenic and there is plenty to see and do. For a day trip, it isn’t too far from Nottingham. On a previous visit I went on the ‘Heights of Abraham’ cable car, which provides amazing views but is maybe not something to do if you are scared of heights. If you would rather stay closer to the ground, the Cromford Canal trips are a relaxing way to spend an afternoon.


Burghley House, Stamford

I am a massive fan of stately homes and Burghley House is not exempt from this love. The House is a great example of an Elizabethan ‘prodigy’ house, it has beautiful gardens, and is all set in the lovely town of Stamford, so it’s hard to find reason not to visit. Another good reason to go is that both the house and town have featured in many a film due to their beautiful streets and views. If it’s good enough for Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’, it’s good enough for me! Even without Burghley House, Stamford is well worth a visit due to its fabulous food and walks along the River Welland. A definite gem of England.


Shell Grotto, Kent

Located in the seaside town of Margate, this attraction often gets missed by tourists and is on my travel to do list. The passage is underground, and all the walls are covered in a wide array of shells, which is a sight to behold. The history of the grotto is largely a mystery but was discovered in the late 19th century, which I think makes it all the more interesting to visit.

There are four of my hidden gems that I invite you to explore for yourself this summer.

Kayleigh Moore

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