12 Days of Freshers

So, What Is The Midlands?

Rowan Cothliff

On the eleventh day of freshers, Impact gave to me a run down of just what is ‘The Midlands’.

The Midlands existence has been highly debated during the north vs south divide, yet it’s real! Nottingham students happen to live within it, so we can definitely confirm that there are differences between here and many of the northern/southern areas we know so well. 

Being a northerner, there are a few things I noted on immediate arrival into the Midlands. Firstly, it is very flat around here! When I look out of any window, there isn’t a hill in sight. For any cyclists among you that is absolutely a plus when commuting around (not many gear changes necessary). For what most of the Midlands may not offer in mountainous views, they make up for in large stretches of bloom filled land that can last as far as the eye can see, with the likes of Lincolnshire offering some of the nicest views on a smooth drive I have experienced for a long time.

They are the Goldilocks porridge of cities

Secondly, compared to my travels both north and south, the Midlands offer a different breed of city. If you have ever been to London or Manchester you will know that they are fairly hefty in size, yet here in the Midlands a lot of the main cities are just right; not so big that they take ages to walk around, not so small that they don’t have all the shops you would need in a city centre – they are the Goldilocks porridge of cities. Plus, they maintain a quirky look from their architectural heritage that makes them equally picturesque (plenty of photo ops for Instagram!).

There’s plenty of attractions that would tempt you into the centre of England, with the likes of Sherwood Forest, the home of Robin Hood, the Malvern Hills, the medieval ruins of Coventry and Alton Towers!  Not forgetting the Peak District, showcasing England’s natural beauty. The coastline of the east offers vast, sandy beaches that don’t seem too far away. On a recent holiday to Lincolnshire, we visited Skegness for the day, which can only be described as the Midlands’ equivalent to Blackpool (if you know, you know). Meanwhile the west provides us with a gateway into the valleys of Wales at short notice.

Our county’s middle offers a blend of culture

The last thing to note is that without the Midlands, the north and south wouldn’t come across quite so different from each other. Our country’s middle offers a blend of culture between our opposing ends that is welcoming to many, making it an intriguing place to explore and to live. 

So, all in all, the Midlands are cool, and inevitably you’ll have to visit someday as they’re quite unavoidable!

Rowan Cothliff

Featured image courtesy of Iain Merchant via Flickr. Image licence found here. No changes were made to the image.

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