The Best Cookbooks For Students

Kayleigh Moore

Cooking as a university student is full of obstacles. For many it is their first experience of cooking meals, which in itself can be a little daunting. Combine that with the fact you have limited space and have to fight to use the kitchen, it is understandable many want to avoid cooking.

Cooking doesn’t have to be scary though, and there are a lot of great cookbooks out there that can make the whole process a little less daunting and maybe even fun!

The Hungry Student Cookbook- Charlotte Pike

This cookbook has a great range of dishes and also some helpful advice on things that are useful to always have in the cupboard. The recipes are organised in helpful chapter such as ‘Easy Dinners’, ‘Feeding Friends’ and ‘Stir-Fry’, ‘Noodles and Rice’. Also, the book is full of pictures, so you know what you are aiming for on the plate. 

The cookbook also comes in at under £10 online meaning that it is student budget friendly and a worthwhile investment if you want to try some new recipes and learn how to cook better.

The Green Roasting Tin- Rukmini Lyer

This cookbook contains 75 recipes that are a mixture of vegetarian and vegan all of which require one tin to cook in, which means less mess. Less mess means less cleaning and a happy student.

Most of the recipes require little preparation yet produce great tasting dishes. And as most are quick and easy to produce it is perfect for student life, which can get a bit busy at times.

Eat Sleep Zoom Repeat: How to Survive and Thrive in your Student Kitchen- Chris Stark

This cookbook has a humorous tone to it but has some really good recipes that are great for students who are new to cooking. There are recipes for when you have no money left or are feeling hungover and just want something to make you feel a bit better. The book also has some drawings throughout which add to the humorous appeal.

7 ways- Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver’s latest cookbook follows a basic idea, he takes 18 different staple food items and gives you 7 ways to cook with each ingredient.  Some of the ingredients include chicken, mince, prawns, mushrooms and peppers meaning there really is something for everyone. The chapters are organised by ingredient but there is also a page categorising them under fakeaways, soups and etcetera, which is good for when you know the type of thing you want but not exactly what you want.

Kayleigh Moore

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