The World Food Programme Wins The Nobel Peace Prize

Zoya Gulshin

The 101st winner of the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the United Nation’s World Food Programme (WFP). With their aid reaching around 100 million people worldwide, they have managed to become the world’s largest humanitarian organisation.

Almost every day, they send over 5000 trucks, 30 ships and 100 planes, all carrying tonnes and tonnes of food to the remotest areas of the planet. However, the WFP also recognises the importance of supporting local businesses. They not only donate food to vulnerable people, but also provide cash and/or food vouchers, emphasising one’s right to exercise their freedom of choice whilst simultaneously sustaining the smaller and more local food markets.  

The WFP provide school meals for 17 million children worldwide. This improves the nutritional status of children, increases their wellbeing and gives them a better chance of doing well in school and education. In 2019 alone, the UN agency managed to donate 4.2 million tonnes of food – this is equivalent to the weight of 840,000 Asian elephants. 

Technology also plays an important role for the WFP agency – they use the latest technologies to predict emergencies, allowing them to prepare in advance for how best to handle and divert resources. They work alongside governments to design and deliver effective nutrition programmes that will improve the overall health and wellbeing of nations.  

A lack of food is a consequence of conflict, and the WFP argues it is a vicious circle

The WFP organisation are firm believers that food is the best vaccine against chaos. Countries already experiencing social tensions have been hit hard because of the current pandemic.

It is well known that a lack of food is a consequence of conflict, and the WFP argues it is a vicious circle causing social disputes, food production and distribution decline, this scarcity and insecurity then adds fuel to the existing fire. The WFP believes their goal of zero hunger is unattainable if there is no end to war or armed conflict.  

During this pandemic, the WFP have intensified their efforts to eradicate world hunger by urging people to donate as much as they can. 

The Nobel Peace Prize committee recognise the immense efforts made by the WFP in this challenging time and as a result, have granted them with one of the most prestigious awards to exist. The UN division will be gifted with a Nobel diploma, a unique piece of art, a Nobel medal and a cash prize. 

Zoya Gulshin

Feature image courtesy of the BBC World Service via Flickr. Image license found here.

Image one courtesy of Austrian National Library via Unsplash. Image license found here.

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