Christmas Snacks From The Shops

Lucy Tombs

This Christmas is certainly going to be a bit different to what we are used to. Instead of going out to clubs, bars and restaurants it looks like at home movie nights, baking and intimate family meals will be more common. However, that doesn’t mean that we have to miss out on our favourite festive feasts!

Buying from supermarkets instead of going to restaurants not only helps to keep our communities safer, but it’s more wallet friendly too! I have created a list for all snack lovers of the top shop-bought Christmas Snacks for this season, so that you can snack in style. From luxurious M&S goodies, to affordable but delicious Lidl treats, this list has it all…

Waitrose Black Truffle Hand Cooked Crisps 150g – £1.33

Truffle has been a totally tasty trend over the past year, so obviously this Christmas it would be making the rounds. These potato crisps with black truffle flavoured seasoning are a luxurious treat to splash the cash on.

M&S Christmas Tree Colin The Caterpillar – £10

Colin is a classic for any birthday, so why not incorporate him into Christmas this year? This dessert is a safe bet for any chocolate lover, and Colin’s festive Christmas hat is sure to put anyone into the festive spirit!

Sainsbury’s Mince Pie Ice Cream, Taste The Difference 480ml – £2.00

This product is a firm favourite in my house every year and will be sure to reappear this Christmas. This fruity and festive ice cream contains a scrumptious mince pie filling and actual crumbled pastry pieces. Talk about naughty but nice!

Tesco’s Christmas Bear and Penguin Hot Chocolate Spoons – £3.50

A warm hot chocolate is the perfect way to bring a smile to anyone’s face when it’s cold and dark outside. But these hot chocolate spoons are even more heart-warming because they are Christmas themed! Simply stir into hot milk to create your hot chocolate drink. This is also the perfect stocking filler for any chocoholics!

Aldi’s Luxury Sharing Bread with Camembert – £3.99

This cranberry, sage and onion tear and share bread comes with a whole French Camembert and is the perfect family sharer for any and all cheese lovers! However, a pre-warning that this item is not available to buy until December 10th, so hold back for now!

Lidl’s luxury Cracker Selection 250g – £1.99 

Now, you are going to want some crackers to go with your camembert, and this is the perfect option! Cheap and cheerful is the name of the game with Lidl, but that does not mean you have to skimp on quality. This selection includes all of the family favourites and makes the perfect cheeseboard accompaniment. 

Morrison’s The Best Bramley Apple & Cranberry Stuffing Wraps – £3.00

These stuffing balls are definitely not for vegans, however, if you are a meat eater then you will love this Christmas staple! The classic stuffing ball has become even better as these are wrapped in smoked bacon; is anyone else drooling right now? The perfect side dish in any Christmas dinner, or just eat them on their own as a snack!

Mince pies from anywhere (my personal fav is Sainsburys)

Is it really Christmas if no one eats a mince pie? Mince pies can be bought at most supermarkets and are all going to make for a delicious sweet treat. However, my personal favourite are the Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference All Butter Mince Pies which retail for £1.50. These always disappear quickly in my house so maybe grab a few packs whilst you’re there.

If any of these treats tickled your taste buds, then why not give them a go? All links to these products can be clicked on so if you don’t feel comfortable doing instore shopping in the current climate, then no need to worry. Happy snacking!

Lucy Tombs

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