Meet the Candidates 2021: Christopher Taylor for Education Officer

Joe Hughes

Christopher Taylor is running in the 2021 SU elections for the role of Education Officer. Impact’s Joe Hughes caught up with Christopher to ask him a few questions. 

What do you think makes you a good fit for this role? 

I’ve spent my time at University running and contributing to several student campaigns, namely Undoing Borders and the Safety Net open letter, so I’ve got experience fighting for student issues. I’m comfortable standing up to the University, and I’m committed to representing students to make sure our voices are heard and needs are met.

Our education and welfare are being put last, I want to make sure students aren’t ignored

Why did you run for the role of Education Officer? 

The last year has highlighted problems going on at University for years. We’re being exploited and let down; our education and welfare are being put last. I’m running because I want to push back against this. I want to make sure students aren’t ignored, and that we are given power over our education and our future.

How do you propose to overcome the lack of engagement with student concerns and deliver on your manifesto promises, given that the University has “ignored our open letters and petitions demanding support”?

For a start, I’ll actively push forward students’ agenda. I want to lead campaigns demanding support, instead of just reacting to them. I will challenge the University at every turn, making sure students are being put first in decisions about our education. If elected, I will use my mandate to represent students vocally and visibly, and demand better from the University.

Academic standards are better when students are supported

If the pandemic were to continue to affect teaching and learning, what specific measures would you put in place to uphold academic standards?

I will demand a No Detriment Policy and Safety Net. Academic standards are better when students are supported. I also want a Uni-wide review into lectures and exams, so rather than relying on an outdated blanket approach, each school can tailor the best methods for students. The University needs to recognise that lectures and exams often aren’t accessible or representative. If the pandemic does continue, instead of just posting video lectures, I want schools to create inclusive learning environments that will continue when we move to in-person teaching.

COVID permitting, Ocean or Rock City? 

Rock City, but you’ll probably catch me in Stealth.

Voting for the 2021 SU elections closes at 3pm on 19th March 2021. 

You can read Christopher’s manifesto here. The link to vote for them is here.

Joe Hughes 

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