Meet the Candidates 2021: Kiitan Abel Ajala for Welfare and Wellbeing Officer

Lauren McGaun

Kiitan Abel Ajala is running in the 2021 SU elections for the role of Welfare and Wellbeing Officer. Impact’s News Editor Lauren McGaun caught up with Kiitan to ask her a few questions.

What do you think makes you a good fit for this role? 

What I think makes me a good fit is my experience as a student at the University, and a Part Time Officer in the SU, giving me a double-sided perspective. My passion, drive and work ethic are also crucial.

I want to achieve positive change through ideas that students have themselves

Why did you run for the role of Welfare and Wellbeing officer?

I ran for this role because I want to improve the student experience.  I believe things can be better than they currently are for student wellbeing and I want to help achieve positive change through my own ideas and the ideas that students themselves have, as it is important for their voices to be heard.

What measures would you put in place to combat loneliness at the University, especially as most students have gone a year without socialising in person?

I have so many ideas, but I hope to centralise established initiatives from groups at University, such as Student Minds and Communi-tea with the same aim of combating loneliness. This will have a greater positive impact. It would also be so amazing if I could organise a few days in Highfields Park where people who sign up could play with puppies and walk them together. So cute!

I intend to for a space where everyone can express themselves properly through creative activities

One of your manifesto points is to ensure a safe space for sexual assault survivors. How do you aim to do this in a way which is sensitive and supports their mental wellbeing?

I intend to do this through creative activities, forming a space where everyone can express themselves properly through art, words or movements, meet other people and have access to professional help should they need it. I’m excited about my ideas and hope they will be impactful.

COVID permitting, Ocean or Rock City? 

My nightlife does not involve clubbing at all but, to answer, 100% Ocean because there’s just something about Fridays… that makes me feel great.

Voting for the 2021 SU elections closes at 3pm on Friday 19th March. 

You can read Kiitan’s manifesto here. The link to vote for is here

Lauren McGaun

Featured image courtesy of Chiara Crompton. No changes were made to this image. 

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