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New Releases Roundup – bexx, Newton Faulkner, Emily Isherwood and King No One

Gemma Cockrell and Kiah Tooke

As the country is unlocked, Gemma and Kiah review the latest releases from bexx, Newton Faulkner, Emily Isherwood and King No One.

bexx – Biggest Mistake (Gemma):

Independent pop artist bexx, who hails from Nottingham, has released her second single titled Biggest Mistake. She is currently a finalist in Future Sound of Nottingham 2021.

The lyrics tackle growth and self-esteem, sound-tracked by a pop-punk inspired instrumental. The song is still quintessentially pop, with clear and glossy vocals. However, bexx successfully draws on pop-punk influences from her teenage years to produce a catchy hybrid of the genres.

She states that the track was “part of a long period of writing songs about personal growth and wondering if things could get better.” The track is a reminder to always treat yourself with kindness, communicated through the clever lyric “If I’m not in my corner, then no one’s gonna fight for me”.

four stars

Newton Faulkner – World Away (Gemma):

Newton Faulkner’s latest single World Away is taken from his upcoming album ‘Interference (Of Light)’ which will be released on 20th August 2021. The single was premiered by Jo Whiley on BBC Radio earlier this week.

The lyrics speak of feeling close to someone emotionally, despite physically being as far apart as possible

The song tackles topics of being away from home for extended periods of time. It was penned with Joel Quartermain while Faulkner was on a trip in Australia. The lyrics speak of feeling close to someone emotionally, despite physically being as far apart as possible – “I feel so close although we are a world away”.

The song builds anticipation for Faulkner’s upcoming album. Interestingly, he has decided to alter the tracklist depending on the format. For example, the CD will feature interludes, while these will not be included on streaming services. Meanwhile, the vinyl will be 11 tracks, designed to flow on one disc.

four stars

Emily Isherwood – See You Go (Kiah)

Emily Isherwood is a Bristol based singer songwriter – alongside her role as a private performing arts teacher. See You Go is her latest release since her 2019 debut album, ‘Distant Television Studios’, a blend of shoegaze with pop and folk influences. Her new track begins as a melancholy guitar song that develops into layered melodies and delicate vocals that create the perfect peaceful atmosphere.

When discussing See You Go, Emily shared that the inspiration from the song came from her “ongoing fear of losing those around me. I find that when I’m writing, the lyrics usually come true in some way, and I later realise the meaning of the song. But, with See You Go, I wanted to make a joke with myself, that if I consciously describe what my fears are, that maybe I would have power over them, and that they might not actually come true this time.”

The progression in the song is so discreet that both verses blend successfully with each other, giving See You Go a diverse sound. Isherwood’s vocals convey a close intimacy with their raw sound, which makes the track feel like an honest confession.

three and a half stars

King No-One – Apologies (Kiah)

King No-One, an indie band from York, have released a new emotional single, Apologies. The trio started their careers busking on the streets of York but have progressed into being a breakthrough act in the UK indie scene, playing venues across the country. The new single Apologies follows previously released Obsolete, which has quickly become one of the most successful new releases for the band.

”You are bound to love, and you are helpless in controlling the feelings involved”

Apologies starts with a downbeat ballad sound, which soon progresses to be of a more energetic tempo with catchy guitars. When describing the new single, King No-One saidApologies is about the shackles that strong feelings can give you. You are bound to love, and you are helpless in controlling the feelings involved.”

The emotional vocals paired with the rhythmic guitars hold the song’s expression of regret and helplessness that surround the lyrics. With the single’s release, King No-One offered fans the unique opportunity of investing in the track, with fans being able to earn a return from the song based on its success. Involving their fans in the band’s success, King No-One has created a strong support base, which is also evident from the smaller yet sold out venues which the band has played.

four and a half stars

Gemma Cockrell and Kiah Tooke

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