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Animal Crossing Direct – A New Reason To Play?!

James Warrell

The final free update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons has just been announced. With a plethora of new content available, James asks: is now the time to jump back in?

Major Additions   

So, what is available in this new update? From Brewster to a new plaza on Harvey’s Island, it looks like it has everything. You can invite both residents and friends to Brewster’s new café, The Roost, located on the second floor of the museum. Random villagers will appear, and you can find out more about them, or you can invite particular villagers using amiibos or amiibio cards. 

The other notable upgrade is the new plaza on Harvey’s Island, where visiting traders can set up permanent shops. Another returning character is Kapp’n, who takes you on a boat tour, during which he sings sea shanties that take you to new unique islands (similar to Nook Miles islands). On these islands, new resources are available and can explore different seasons as well.

New smaller additions 

Finally, both crops and cooking are now available in the game. Crops can be grown with fields. This not only has functional purposes, but you can also use crops to decorate your island, to make your island feel more alive. Cooking can be done using stoves. 

The ability to change your house style is a nice addition if you want to style your island in a certain way. 

There are a few good quality of life fixes as well. They include the ATM allowing you to withdraw bells from anywhere on your island, the storage shed giving you access to your house storage from anywhere on the island and another three storage expansions. Countless new items have been added as well, allowing for more decorating. On the subject of decorating, the new update allows customs patterns to be applied to clothing, walls and floors in your house.

Is the new DLC a cash grab or a new twist worth paying for?

The only limit with this new addition is your imagination.

In the new Happy Home Paradise DLC, priced at £22.49, you get to visit a new set of islands with its own theme and style. In these new islands, the main objective is to design homes based on the resident’s tastes. However, it looks like only a few items are required to complete this. But the DLC does let you go crazy with your inner home designer (if you would like to), with the ability to use unlimited items without costing any of your resources. 

A necessary addition is the ability to place schools, hospitals and other buildings on the new main island, which you can then design. Although, this does seem like a cash grab by Nintendo. Many features (such as the ease you can move buildings with) should have been included in the main game, for free. 

However, there is plenty of content to enjoy within this DLC (which is worth the price); the only limit with this new addition is your imagination.

James Warrell

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