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“Fun Filled And Hilarious” – LIVE Review: 9 To 5 @ Theatre Royal

Rory Beveridge and Anna Bulcock

Back after months of hiatus, Dolly Parton’s hit musical 9 to 5 was welcomed to the stage of Nottingham’s Theatre Royal this week. Packed full of camp musical numbers, a smattering of sexual references, and a feel-good storyline, the urge to sing along is unavoidable! Rory Beveridge and Anna Bulcock share their full thoughts…

Following the lives of three women and their struggles in the workplace, Dolly narrated the opening scene where we are comically introduced to the characters. Tackling issues of patriarchy, and the portrayal of women in the workplace, the three leading ladies Violet (Louise Redknapp), Doralee (Stephanie Chandos) and Judy (Vivian Panka) brought us along as they fought to break down the glass ceiling. Kidnapping their senior boss and leaving him dangling from the roof, the women proved their capabilities in the workplace, culminating in the promotion of a female CEO, and equal pay within the office.

full to the brim with cheesy jokes and hilarious one liners

The musical carried inspiring undertones despite its comic nature and left us both feeling empowered. Full to the brim with cheesy jokes and hilarious one liners, on many occasions the whole audience were doubled over with laughter.

With a simple yet effective set, the stage was framed with chunky ‘80s computers which were carefully lit up by colour changing LEDs. Similarly, fluid set changes incorporated into whole cast numbers made for a smooth performance. Not to mention brilliant vocal performances from the three leading ladies, supplemented by strong backing from the ensemble as they danced throughout, ensured a high level of energy from start to finish.

Despite her strong vocals, it was clear that Louise Redknapp was not as seasoned a musical theatre actress as the other two leads. On occasion she appeared wooden and overshadowed by her co-stars. Although the ensemble were strong throughout, the choreography in some places did not feel as slick as you would necessarily expect from such a production.

That being said, we left the theatre in high spirits and full of energy after watching a fun filled and hilarious show. We would certainly recommend the show for those seeking a light-hearted and enjoyable evening.

Rory Beveridge and Anna Bulcock

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