New Year, New You? – PureGym Offering Free 3-Day Membership And PT Tips To Kickstart Your Fitness Journey

Matthew Cotter

PureGym is offering the students of Nottingham the opportunity to get a head start on their New Years’ resolutions by giving them a free 3-Day Pass, as well as sharing some tips from PureGym Nottingham’s very own PT, Conor Tetley.

As students, there’s nothing we love more than a freebie! Between the 20th of December and 2nd January, you can claim a free 3-day pass that entitles you to access one of PureGym’s 300 UK-wide gyms. So, whether you need a distraction from coursework and revision or perhaps would like to try out the gym for the first time, this is the perfect opportunity to get moving without any expense spared. Details of the offer can be found here.

For those still in Nottingham over the festive period, there are 2 PureGym locations within walking distance of Uni Park Campus. PureGym Castle Marina (NG7 1GX) and PureGym Beeston (NG9 2JG) are both participating in the offer and is allowing anyone thinking of signing up in the New Year the perfect try-before-you-buy opportunity. Similarly, students who have returned home over Christmas can use the ‘Find Your Gym’ search engine to discover their nearest participating gym.

Additionally, PureGym Nottingham Personal Trainer Conor Tetley has given you his Top 5 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues and Maintain a Fitness Routine During the Darker Months:

Make the Most of Your Exercise
The winter months, especially over Christmas and New Year, are a time when we should be enjoying ourselves, seeing friends and having treats after another testing year. Rather than feel guilty about what you’re eating or even limit the festivities, why not make the most of your time exercising when you are. Whether it’s pushing yourself to go that extra kilometre on a run or to stay working out for an extra few reps at the gym, making the most of the time you put aside to exercise, will make your winter celebrations all the more rewarding!

Winter Kit
It is important that you stay warm for your muscles to work efficiently. Buying yourself some new winter workout gear will make going outside slightly more appealing and will also help to prevent injuries.

Understand What Time of Day You Are Strongest
As winter comes the days get shorter, and due to our body’s hormones, we may also feel sleepier. The times that you feel comfortable training may change, so keep an eye on what works for you.

Get A Gym Buddy
Winter days can sometimes feel quite gloomy and depressing, with it being difficult for many to want to travel in the cold weather. Grab yourself a friend to help motivate each other and know you’re not at it alone!

Home Workouts
If you struggle motivating yourself to leave the house, try changing your routine up a little bit and throw in a few home workouts! This gives you a couple of fewer days travelling around in the more adverse weather and adds variety to your workouts, which can be a game-changer for any exercise plan!

So don’t miss out on this great opportunity and kick start your 2022 fitness journey early! Beat those winter blues with Conor’s top tips and the PureGym free 3-day membership!

Matthew Cotter

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