TV Roundup – Pam & Tommy, Euphoria, This Is Going to Hurt and Reacher

Charlie Maris

Charlie Maris reviews the latest TV releases including Pam & Tommy, Euphoria, This Is Going to Hurt and Reacher.

Euphoria Season Two

The bold and uncompromising explosion of teen drama that is Euphoria, has returned for season two. It continues to follow an ensemble of students that do drugs for breakfast and have sex for brunch as they navigate through trauma, identity and self-discovery at high school. Zendaya brilliantly stars as Rue; making a character, who often treats those around her terribly, sympathetic. This gives us an insight into the bewildering brain of a teen addict.  While the show can feel extreme in its depiction of nudity, drugs and violence (definitely not one to watch with your parents) it skilfully weaves a delicate path through potential pitfalls. This is aided by a magnetic ensemble cast where every character battles for your attention. While Sam Levinson’s direction and writing can at times be overindulgent, there is certainly enough creativity and prowess to keep me rapt. Euphoria manages to keep you hooked with its brilliant individuality and distinctive boldness.

All episodes now on Sky / Now T.

Pam & Tommy

You may have heard about Pam & Tommy due to the complete transformation that Lily James has undergone to play Pamela Anderson. She looks like a different woman, and makes you feel great sympathy for what happened to Anderson. This is because this series follows the release of the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape and the havoc it wreaks in their lives (not much family viewing in this article). Sebastian Stan, as Tommy Lee, and Lily James both fully embody their characters. They portray their characters’ passions, extravagances and flaws with relish. Furthermore, the design and tempo of the show do draw you in and keep you entertained. At a certain point though I began to sour on the series. Everything started to become drawn out ,and every point the show was trying to make was repeated again and again. I understand that the show is trying to retell this story with a 2022 point of view, but it could have been slightly more subtle. There just isn’t enough story here, and it should have been a 4-star film.

6 episodes on Disney + now.

This is Going to Hurt

This is Going to Hurt is a darkly funny look at the stresses NHS workers are put under

This is Going to Hurt transports you into the manic and quite literally restless world of an NHS doctor who works in obstetrics and gynaecology, or as he calls it ‘brats and twats’. Based on Adam Kay’s memoir of the same name, This is Going to Hurt is a darkly funny look at the stresses NHS workers are put under and how they manage to, or don’t, put up with them. Ben Whishaw perfectly plays Adam, managing to show what inner turmoil he is going through whilst rolling his eyes to the camera and shooting off a droll and witty line. This series covers some dark topics and will give any viewer a great insight into what stress and pressure can make someone do.

All episodes on BBC iPlayer now.


Reacher is certainly not going to make you re-examine your thoughts on the climate crisis or third wave feminism, but sometimes you want TV to provide pure and simple entertainment. Reacher gives that simple entertainment in bucketloads. It is based on the series of books by Lee Child, and stars Alan Ritchson as the largest man ever, also known as Jack Reacher. Reacher is a man who can take on 5 men in a fight while displaying Sherlock Homes style detective skills. If that premise appeals to you then watch this show, if not maybe give it a skip. I am firmly of the belief that a guilty pleasure is just as good as any other, and watching Jack Reacher smash people’s heads in all for the pursuit of justice firmly falls into this category.

All episodes on Amazon Prime now.

Charlie Maris

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