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NUS Strike – ‘A New Vision For Our Education’

Lottie Murray

The strikes and occupying of university buildings, which took place primarily in Torrington Square, London on the 2nd March, focused on reuniting students and standing in solidarity to campaign for the mending of the education system which has failed so many of us. There was a great turn out and the overall atmosphere was very inclusive and engaging. Impact’s Lottie Murray reports on the protest. 

The motive pushing these strikes forwards is the inadequate state of our current education

Despite only 1,031 people present out of the 100,000 supporters recorded on the National Union of Students (NUS) petition for ‘A New Vision for Education’, the interactive day encouraged students and workers to use their voice to campaign for a much-needed change. The day was full of sharing knowledge, celebrating together, and experiencing campaigners’ ideal form of education. They outlined that their desired education system would be one that is fully funded, accessible, lifelong, and democratised.      

The motive pushing these strikes forwards is the inadequate state of our current education system. This includes issues such as high tuition fees, defunding of the arts, and the unrealistic academic standards placed on students. 

For Iona, a Welsh college student, her list criticisms towards towards to the education system is endless. She described how she and her peers have been let down by the system and said that she “went from getting straight A’s to straight U’s” which has resulted in her having to stay an extra year at college and miss her university place.

Another of the issues raised is the fact that the current political climate facing students has resulted in them compromising their own mental health to achieve unrealistic academic standards.

“It seems to be a weird cycle of your mental health getting bad which effects your grades and then the bad grades results in your mental health declining further.” They see this as an unacceptable expectation to pass onto future generations and something which requires urgent change.

Information about the work of the NUS can be found on their twitter page @nusuk.

Moving forward, campaigners hope that the solidarity between student and worker, which they have demonstrated this week, is a step in the right direction for creating a new future for education. 

Lottie Murray

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