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As part of Welcome Week 2022, Impact would like to introduce our magazine to newcomers. This series will introduce our 8 main sections giving you an idea of what we do, who we are and how to get involved!

Impact is the University of Nottingham’s official student magazine. We are published by the UoN’s Students’ Union and have been in operation since 1939. Run entirely by volunteers, we publish a free 60-page full colour magazine five times every academic year, as well as this website. Impact’s online magazine runs 24/7, publishing articles from students across a wide range of topics. Our 8 main sections are NewsFeaturesLifestyleEntertainmentReviewsSportPodcasts, and Investigations, a new section added this past year.



The Features section of Impact is possibly the most diverse in terms of content and style. The variety of articles written for Features encapsulates what’s happening in the world around us: from human interest stories, to comment and opinion articles, to advice columns, to comical pieces, there are so many topics covered by the section. There really is something for everyone to write about.

You can find an array of articles like these under the sub-sections on the Impact Magazine website – we have Advice, Comment, Society Spotlight, Weekly Well-Being, and Opinion. However within these sections the topics are truly endless. Some popular topics covered include: politics; student mental health; self care; celebrations of race, gender and sexuality among the student community; the climate crisis; general student life; and so many more.

If you love writing to persuade, inform, or entertain, then Features is a great place to do so

The Features team this year are always happy to help with any queries you may have about writing for the section. You can find our contact information on the Impact Features Contributors 22/23 Facebook page, or our Instagram page @impactfeatures. This year, our team comprises Sophie (Head of Features), Urmi (Features Editor), and Amy (Comment Editor). Sophie is a third year English student, Urmi is a third year Philosophy student, and Amy is a second year law student.

We will be hosting weekly meetings in the Impact office to discuss article ideas, so any contributor (new or old) is welcome to come along for a fun discussion about things going on in the world. Following each meeting, we will post article ideas to the Features Facebook page, where you can claim an article you want to write by commenting on the post. Alternatively, you are always welcome to message any of the team on Facebook with your own article idea which we will be happy to hear.

We look forward to welcoming lots of new faces and ideas to Features and are excited to read all the great articles this year.

Sophie, Urmi, and Amy

Featured Image courtesy of Tylah Mofford. Permission to use granted to Impact. No changes have been made to this image. 

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