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As part of Welcome Week 2022, Impact would like to introduce our magazine to newcomers. This series will introduce our 8 main sections giving you an idea of what we do, who we are and how to get involved!

Impact is the University of Nottingham’s official student magazine. We are published by the UoN’s Students’ Union and have been in operation since 1939. Run entirely by volunteers, we publish a free 60-page full colour magazine five times every academic year, as well as this website. Impact’s online magazine runs 24/7, publishing articles from students across a wide range of topics. Our 8 main sections are NewsFeaturesLifestyleEntertainmentReviewsSportPodcasts, and Investigations, a new section added this past year.



Our News section here at Impact is responsible for producing stories that are easily accessible and truly relevant to our student audience. We cover such a wide range of topics, but we mainly focus on political issues on a global, national and local scale.

We, as a team, believe that it is crucial for us to inform students of what is happening around our campus and the city of Nottingham as a whole. Unfortunately, not many UoN students are aware of SU related news, campus developments, and things going on in the local community. Thus, this year we are very eager to try and change this lack of awareness by delivering engaging news stories from a specifically local viewpoint.     

We are looking at introducing additional subsections such as ‘climate,’ ‘world,’ and ‘education’

This year we would also love to expand the subsections within News to enable us to cater to a wider range of interests within our team. We are looking at introducing additional subsections such as ‘climate,’ ‘world,’ and ‘education’, so that we can run on a more correspond basis when it comes to writing up stories. Stories that have a national or global focus can both directly and indirectly concern university students, so it important to cover these as well.  Hopefully this will ensure our contributors have the platform to write about what they are truly passionate about within our section!

Impact is committed to helping students gain experience and develop invaluable skills that will contribute well to any career prospects one may have. However, first and foremost Impact is a society and so this year we are very eager to promote the social aspect of the section. We are planning on holding socials throughout the year to ensure that everyone in our team feels completely welcome!

We also really want to utilise our twitter platform (@ImpactNottsNews) as we feel this is an excellent way of reaching our audience in a more condensed way as, sometimes, students don’t have the time to read various different articles on top of all our studies. However, in terms of social media most of our communications within the team happen on our Facebook page so if you are interested in writing for the section, do feel free to check it out! Here you will find meeting times, article ideas and any future plans.

The News team for the next year consists of Lottie Murray (Head of News), Esme Mackenzie (News Editor), and Laura Scaife (Campus News Editor). Lottie is a second year Theology and Religious Studies student, Esme is a second year English and History student, and Laura is a third year English Literature student.

We are so excited to welcome you to write for Impact’s News section. Contributors are of course the most vital aspect of the entire magazine and so if you are passionate about informing people of important issues, our section is certainly the place for you!

Lottie, Esme, and Laura

Featured image courtesy of Tylah Mofford. Permission to use granted to Impact. No changes were made to this image.

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