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“The Best Concert I’ve Been To”- Live Review: The Wombats @ Rock City

Amy Child

On Saturday 22nd October, popular indie band The Wombats paid Rock City a visit as part of their ‘All the Hits’ tour. Amy Child, an avid Wombats fan, reviews.

First off, I’ve never experienced a gig with so much energy. Perhaps it was the Rock City venue, or the lively indie-rock tracks, but everyone was screaming lyrics, jumping around, and moshing. Whilst this threw me a little at first (I’m not a particularly experienced mosher), the crowd was in great spirits and everyone was enjoying the music in their own way. Soon, I was completely immersed in the crowd, and having an absolute blast.

Rather than fill the time with conversation, as some artists do when performing live, The Wombats performed banger after banger, making the absolute most of their stage time. They played a lot of songs- some from their new album ‘Fix Yourself Not the World’, some slower tunes, but mostly the classic upbeat anthems that everyone knew. My personal highlights were Greek Tragedy, Kill the Director, Let’s Dance to Joy Division, and my all-time favourite, Techno Fan. Every song I hoped to hear, I heard, which is something I can’t always say after a concert. I don’t think a single fan left disappointed.

The bandmembers were thoroughly enjoying themselves too

The atmosphere in the venue was amazing, and I loved that the lighting changed for each song. There was something special about dancing to Pink Lemonade in hot pink lighting. A number of other touches made the performance really excellent, such as fireworks shooting up from around the stage, someone dancing in a giant wombat costume, and confetti canons of pink and red hearts going off at the end. I got the sense that the bandmembers were thoroughly enjoying themselves too, and feeding off the high energy of the crowd. Murph (the lead singer) even said at one point,I must have played this venue seven plus times and I’ve never had a s**t gig here”. High praise for the Notts concert crowd.

not one but multiple encores

I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say I didn’t want the show to end. Our chants of “one more song!” were met with not one but multiple encores, to everyone’s delight. One of my favourite moments was when, during Lethal Combination, people throughout the crowd rose up on their friends’ shoulders to sing along. Murph seemed particularly touched by this, saying “I had a bit of a moment there. Thank you, Rock City”.

The appreciation was certainly mutual, as The Wombats left the stage to rapturous applause. It was a brilliant night, and the best concert I’ve been to. I would definitely see The Wombats live again!

Amy Child

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