Less nights out and horror accommodation stories: We want to hear how the cost of living crisis is affecting your student experience for #ProjectWinter

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#ProjectWinter Team

The recent cost of living crisis has not done anyone any favours. Students have been particularly affected by this as the cold months took over, with heating prices skyrocketing. We are launching “PROJECT WINTER” in collaboration with Platform at Nottingham Trent University to tell your stories.

Have you had to keep your heating off because it’s too expensive? To cut down on your weekly grocery shop? To turn to alternative incomes like full-time jobs or sex work to afford living?

We want to hear it all.

Having unpleasant encounters with your landlords over issues such as mould and damp or even rat infestations is not something extraordinary for students and it has been a part of ‘uni culture’ for a long time.

The majority of students in the UK have had to cut back on something this winter.

The hardship of being a student this winter is obviously shadowed by the rising cost of living that is looming over all of us. This has many implications, such as fewer trips home and nights out, students choosing to live at home instead of university accommodation, and even people trying to balance working 40 hours a week with completing a full-time degree.

The majority of students in the UK have had to cut back on something this winter. If this is you, we want to hear and tell your story.

If you would like to get involved, please click here and fill in our form.

The articles will be published on both of the publications (platformmagazine.co.uk and impactnottingham.com, respectively), as well as in the Term Two Platform Magazine print edition at the end of March 2023.

All responses will be confidential and will not be shared outside the team working on the project. Ideally, if you choose to share your story with us, you will be named, as well as have your picture published in the article. Exceptions may be made, should your story involve sensitive subjects, such as aspects related to sex work or poverty.

If you have any questions, please DM us on Instagram at @platformmagazinentsu or @impactmagazineuon, or email us at platform.society@su.ntu.ac.uk or editorinchief@impactnottingham.com.

Alternatively, you can speak to our Editors-in-Chief in private, by emailing them at n0926083@my.ntu.ac.uk (Rucsandra Moldoveanu – Platform Magazine) or at editorinchief@impactnottingham.com (Lucinda Dodd – Impact Magazine).

#ProjectWinter Team

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