Looking To Volunteer? Help a Child Learn to Read

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At Bookmark, we want every child to read. We know that 8 children in the average class in the UK are unable to read well when they leave primary school. Currently, 400 children are waiting for a volunteer to help them learn to read.  Student Volunteering Week is the perfect time to take up a volunteering role alongside your studies. Read on to find out more about the benefits of volunteering. 

“Through volunteering with Bookmark, I’ve built my communications skills and confidence. I’ve also realised how much I love working with kids. It’s changed my career direction!” – Student Volunteer

Volunteering is a fulfilling, inspiring and in some cases life changing experience, both for you and those you help. However, we realise it may feel daunting. Lending this time can sometimes involve stepping out of your comfort zone or calling on skills you haven’t used in a while. Helping a child learn to read is a valuable role to step into and, as a student, could truly resonate with your passions.

“As an English Lit student, reading with a child on the programme reminds you of the power of reading, how important it is, and why you love it.”  – Student Volunteer

Building self-esteem, decreasing loneliness, and improving overall life satisfaction, are all ways volunteering can impact our wellbeing. As a Bookmark reading volunteer, there are three ways you can achieve these positive outcomes, without having to change your routine.

  1. Flexibility – You can volunteer around your schedule with 2 x 30-minute sessions per week within school hours. The sessions take place online on a secure platform.  
  2. As a reading volunteer you’ll witness first-hand the positive impact you’re making. Our volunteers often exclaim how rewarding it is to see their readers grow in confidence. 
  3. From the moment of signing up, you will have access to a whole community of like-minded volunteers, proactively making a difference to a child’s life. We run a monthly book club and have space to share lovely moments from our reading sessions or to ask questions or for advice. 

“Volunteering with Bookmark has helped with my wellbeing – having somewhere to be and someone to support a few days a week has helped me feel more at ease!” – Student Volunteer

Reading isn’t just about books. It’s about reading a road sign, an instruction manual, a birthday card. It’s understanding a job application or?an important?letter.?It’s building connections with friends, family, and communities. There are 7.1 million adults in England who struggle to read and face challenges every day. By supporting children who are falling behind with their reading, you can have a personal impact on their future opportunities. 

“I’m an English Lit student but I really struggled with reading when I was younger. I remember how frustrating it was. To go from not being able to read, to studying books, I’ve seen how far having reading support can get you, and volunteering with Bookmark is a great way to give back.” – Student Volunteer

Sign up to become a Bookmark volunteer today and change a child’s story. 

If you want to explore Bookmark further, or have any questions, you can get in touch with us on Instagram @Bookmarkreading or on email info@bookmarkreading.org

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