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Trailer Watch – Why Don’t You Play in Hell?

Why Don’t You Play In Hell? is one of the latest projects from Japanese director, Sion Sono, a prolific filmmaker whose catalogue goes back to 1984.

This particular film was released in Japan over a year ago, but the madness has finally come to the West. To say the trailer contains a lot would evidently be an understatement; it is packed with so many different actors, scenes and sounds that one’s senses are completely overloaded by it.

It follows a moviemaker who is hired by Japanese mob bosses to make a movie about their lives, and the conflict between the young, dorky filmmakers and the hardened criminals form the main basis for the film’s comedy. The stylisation and fast-cuts that dominate the fight scenes have been noted as an appreciative nod to other Japanese action films as well as Western directors’ tributes to the genre.

Tom Welshman 

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