Preview – Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is less than a month from release and the response is set to be huge.

The game has been anticipated for years but since the official announcement 5 months ago the excitement has been expertly built. Marketing for the game has been a mix of trailers and interactive advertisements such as the Fallout Shelter game released for smartphones. The latest trailer, titled ‘The Wanderer’, is a live action video showing the games protagonist traversing the wasteland and coming across a variety of events players will remember from previous titles.

The character, who can be customized in the game to look however you like, is seen exploring the wastes with his only his dog as a companion. As you would expect it doesn’t always go smoothly and he fights with some super-mutants, shoots a radroach and is eventually pictured donning the games iconic power armour. Although it’s very good the trailer doesn’t reveal a whole lot about the game that hasn’t been in a previous game.

It also gives us a look at a town being consumed by radiation and shows the main character leaving vault 111. Overall it’s light and playful without revealing too much. Just another addition to the constantly accelerating Fallout 4 hype train.

Expect a massive release on 10th November.

Seamus McDonnell

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    Less than a week lol

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