Top 3 Upcoming (Non-Clubbing) Events in Nottingham

As the nights get colder and our wallets lighter, at this time of year it is always difficult to afford good days/nights out. Plus, if you like to give your liver a rest before Christmas, then sometimes it’s nice to go to an event that doesn’t demand shots… Impact Features has found three cheap, fun events taking place in Nottingham in December.

Saturday 5Th December – The Art of War (£3 ticket form SU)

Whether you’re a fan of Thai kickboxing or thrive on inter-uni rivalry, The Art of War is shaping up to be one of the most exciting sporting events this year! Hosted by Forum, you can sit back and watch Muay Thai boxers fight it out to bring a win to their university club. Plus, with drinks being available from the bar all afternoon, the atmosphere is guaranteed to get heated.

Impact Features spoke to one fighter, fourth year student Dhanu Perera, and got the lowdown on his upcoming fight with a Trent fighter: “We’re really excited to host The Art of War again this year, especially after it being a huge success a few years back! It’s really going to be a great opportunity for everyone to come and support UoN and the team has been working exceptionally hard in the past month, sometimes training up to five times a week, so please come down.’

“The atmosphere is guaranteed to get heated”

Plus, if you feel like sticking around, straight after is the amateur boxing rounds which always prove a success every year. However, the boxing event does require a ticket purchased beforehand from the SU.

Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th December – Nottingham Market (Free)

Opening in the old Fabric Mill on High Pavement in the city centre, this will be the perfect time to browse designer gifts for Christmas. Not only can you peruse the various leading Brand assortments of clothes, homeware and accessories, you’ll also be able to meet the designers themselves, finding out just how the products were made and how to get into the business. Plus, with free entry it costs you nothing to look around and perhaps receive some invaluable advice!


“This will be the perfect time to browse designer gifts for Christmas”

Tuesday 15th December – Poetry is Dead Good Christmas Party (£3 Door Fee)

If you like open mike nights and having a few drinks with a fun crowd, you should head over to the Jam Café at 7pm. Hosted by UoN’s own Joshua Judgson, a second year Creative and Professional Writing student, the monthly events are always a huge success and this Christmas party is set to be even bigger. As the name suggests there will be performance poetry, but even if that’s not your scene there’ll also be live music, open mike spots up for grabs and mince pies! Plus there will also be discounted entry for anyone wearing a ‘shite’* Christmas jumper.

*The criteria for a ‘shite’ Christmas jumper is as follows:

  1. It must be uncomfortable to wear (ideally itchy or ill-fitting).
  2. It must include wintry/Christmassy imagery (reindeer, snowflakes, Christmas puddings etc.).

So, at just £3 door fee or £2 for those wearing a jumper, you can have a cheap, fun night out chilling with music while getting a hell of a lot of culture!


Natalie Mallory

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