Trailer Watch: The Incredibles 2

After a whole 14 years... It has arrived

The Incredibles is, for most film viewers of a certain age, a very fondly-remembered film. Coming from the golden age of the ever-reliable animation studio Pixar, it charmed audiences with its hilarious script, exciting action scenes and still-great visuals. So it is with great anticipation that the trailer for The Incredibles 2 has landed, with many fans eager to see how worthy it just might be after the great 14-year wait.

The trailer itself gives little away about the plot of the film, save for telling us that the plot has not moved along in real time in the same way as, say, Toy Story 3. The only (admittedly wonderful) footage we get is of Jack-Jack, the youngest of the super-powered family, crawling around learning about his newly-found powers, much to the delight of father Mr Incredible (Craig T. Nelson). However, even with this small amount of footage, it’s difficult not to get slightly nostalgic for the original 2004 film.

Whilst some have been concerned about the decline in quality of Pixar’s recent output (i.e. Cars 3), hope can be found in the fact the original writer and director Brad Bird has returned to helm the film. Regarding cast, fan favourites Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson and Bird himself (as the voice of the inimitable Edna Mode) will this time be joined by Catherine Keener (Get Out) and Bob Odenkirk (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul)

We still know little about the plot of the film, other than that it will focus mainly on Elastigirl, with Mr Incredible staying at home to look after kids Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack. It has also been confirmed that the film will pick up moments after the first one left off, meaning we’ll finally get to see how that fight with The Underminer went.

Whilst it’s easy to be sceptical about a sequel to such a beloved film after so much time, the talent involved having combined with audience nostalgia definitely makes this an anticipating film. The Incredibles 2 comes out in the US on 15th June 2018, before arriving in UK cinemas on 13th July.

Adam Wells

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