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Impact Food: Clean Cut Kitchen Review

Clean Cut Kitchen is a recently developed health food café located on Derby Road, just outside of Nottingham City Centre. Having passed it almost daily on my bus journey into university, I finally decided it was time to stop dreaming of guilt-free food and instead head inside to treat myself to some Sunday brunch.



Upon entering the café, I was immediately immersed into an open, light space, decorated with turquoise neon signs and wooden furniture. These features contributed to the turquoise theme that was prominent throughout the café and gave it a modern, fresh feel. The wooden accents scattered throughout the shop provided an eco-friendly atmosphere, which was appropriate since they have an admirable ethos of ‘clean living’.

“Their extensive menu offers dishes such as full English breakfasts”

One thing that sets this café apart from others in Nottingham is their focus on healthy eating, which is perfect for all those wanting to indulge in a meal without feeling bad. Eating at Clean Cut Kitchen doesn’t mean munching on lettuce leaves, as their extensive menu offers dishes such as full English breakfasts, traditional fish and chips and perfectly poached eggs with salmon.

All their meals, whether it be a bowl of granola or a waffle burger, are healthy options, so you’re guaranteed goodness and nutrients with whatever you choose. Many of the meals state their macro figures (carbs, fats and protein), which is ideal for anyone that is trying to control their macronutrient intake, but also allows them the pleasure of eating out. The portion sizes are decent, designed so that you are satisfied and full, but not uncomfortably so.

“Their take-away service is also widely appreciated”

The café itself is reasonably sized, with seating all along the front-facing window, with tables dotted around the room. I noticed several plug sockets by the window seats as well as a sign with the free WIFI password on, enabling students, or people on their lunch break to work comfortably, with internet access. Within Clean Cut Kitchen, there really was something available for everyone, which was evident by the various children, teenagers and parents present in the café. Their take-away service is also widely appreciated, since it allows for people to eat clean on-the-go, which is often difficult to do in Nottingham when surrounded by a plethora of fast food restaurants.


The quality of the food and drinks were definitely above average. I opted for the ‘Clean and Lean Full English’, which came with 3 100% chicken sausages, bacon medallions, a poached egg, field mushrooms, a vine tomato, sweet potato hash brown and homemade beans in tomato sauce. In my opinion, everything was cooked perfectly and at £6.95 I thought the breakfast was very reasonably priced.

“This affordability makes it accessible to most people”

Infact, all of the things on the menu were surprisingly cheap despite the fact that we seem to be in the midst of many health food fads. This affordability makes it accessible to most people, including students who want to maintain a good diet without breaking the bank. The wide variety of meals are also accessible to people with intolerances, since there were many vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, low carb and high protein options.

In terms of service, the staff were friendly, polite and accommodating, especially when it came to offering food substitutions to best suit their customers. For instance, I was asked what milk alternative I would like in my hot beverage and was guided in terms of flavour pairings. Furthermore, once we had ordered our food, there was a 25 minute wait for our meals to arrive, but I think this is acceptable when you know it’s being freshly cooked and prepared.

“Their packaging is coming from renewable sources”

An exceptional feature of the café is their noticeable sustainability. The food came in cardboard boxes, we were provided wooden cutlery, and there were recycle bins placed around the café. Clean Cut Kitchen buy all their packaging from this website Compost Me so they know that their packaging is coming from renewable sources. Then they ensure that everything is recycled into recycle bins at the back of the shop, which further promotes their eco-friendly services. In addition, they also offer gift cards, a festive, gluten free Christmas dinner, as well as soon introducing ‘premium prepared meal service’ for those wanting to achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals.

8/10- I will definitely be returning to try something else off the menu!

Sian Baldwin

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All images courtesy of Sian Baldwin.

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