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Cheap and cheerful pizza @ Nottingham’s PizzaStorm

As soon as you walk into PizzaStorm you feel like you’ve walked into a 90s diner: big overhead lights, neon signs and bright colours everywhere you look. It works just right, with the wooden dining areas and blue tiles making it look feel somewhat effortless.

“All of these pizzas are sold at the very reasonable price”

They offer a small amount of ‘signatures’, from your classic pepperoni to an all day breakfast. Yep, you heard me right. A pizza with your favourite brunch essentials on it, bacon, eggs, the lot! It reminds me of the weird and wonderful combinations that Annie’s Burger Shack offer. All of these pizzas are sold at the very reasonable price of £6. Compared to nearby pizza sellers, Pizza Express and Zizzi’s, PizzaStorm’s prices are extremely low! I opted for the create your own option, which was only an extra £1.25, allowing me to choose any and all of the toppings I wanted.

The order process is simple and easy, ordering, paying and then choosing what pizza toppings you want. They give you a buzzer to take to your table which will buzz when your pizza is ready. However, before it had started buzzing, one of the waitresses brought the pizza to my table and did the same for all the other customers in the restaurant.

“The pizza was delicious, not too stodgy and not too thin”

I ordered a cheese pizza with sweetcorn, ham, mozzarella and pineapple on top (yes, I like pineapple on pizza), with the pesto and mozzarella flatbread and Mac’N’Cheese as sides. The pizza was delicious, not too stodgy and not too thin. The flatbread was amazing also, and something I haven’t seen sold anywhere else. Mac’N’Cheese is sometimes too much for my tastebuds, but this was just perfect, creating a melt in your mouth experience.

Undoubtedly, the only thing better than unlimited pizza toppings is unlimited ice cream, and yes, they sell this too. So, to finish off, I had their ice cream with vanilla sauce. The only disappointing thing was that they didn’t have the sweet toppings that competitors like Pizza Hut have to offer, but the restaurant is much more sophisticated so it’s understandable. Their dessert menu also boasts a ‘nutella calzone’ that I didn’t have room for, but I really wish I did as it sounded incredible!

“Despite their superior location, MOD pizza is no way near as nice as PizzaStorm”

I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to compare PizzaStorm to their biggest competitor, MOD Pizza, which sits in the heart of Nottingham, just opposite the Town Hall in the Market Square. MOD Pizza is also a small chain that sells their pizza like subway sells their subs. Despite their superior location, MOD pizza is no way near as nice as PizzaStorm. MOD doesn’t have the restaurant feel that PizzaStorm has, as you have to queue for your food then sit down, with a very Starbucks feel in the way they shout your name when your pizza is ready.

Their pizzas have also been slightly burnt when I’ve been and their drink and snack prices are crazy high. PizzaStorm boasts cheaper classic and make your own pizzas. So despite MOD’s better location, it’s worth a quick walk up past Victoria centre for a cheaper (and nicer) pizza and atmosphere.

Last but not least is the restaurant’s staff. Every staff member was welcoming, polite and most importantly, happy. They were helpful and their service was super quick.

Oh and one more thing, they offer a takeaway service (online and order in store) which really just tops it all off.

9/10 – Would be nice to have more options for classic pizzas but apart from that, perfect!

Charlotte Hegley

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All images courtesy of Charlotte Hegley.

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