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Bonni Jee has been elected as your new Students’ Union Environment and Social Justice Officer for 2018/19.

Bonni Jee was declared the Environment and Social Justice Officer for the 2018/19 academic year after winning the 6th round of voting, with 1,177 votes.

“Can’t believe it,” said Bonni to Impact after winning. He went on to say that he didn’t expect this especially as there is more competition this year.

He plans to head to Mooch tonight to celebrate with his friends where he plans to buy them a pint.

Asked if there was anyone he couldn’t have done this without, he mentioned the Environment Officer who listened to his concerns, and adds that he got a lot of support from friends at both Cripps and Willoughby hall.

The manifesto point that he is most looking forward to implementing is bringing in a discount system for people who bring their own cups to cafes around campus.

Round 1:

Vivek Agarwal: 352

Lara Isabell: 468

Bonni Jee: 770

Agata Daszko: 459

Tilly (Ottilia) Tribe: 644

Re-open Nominations (RON): 177

Round 2:

Vivek Agarwal: 356

Lara Isabell: 470

Bonni Jee: 708

Agata Daszko: 462

Tilly (Ottilia) Tribe: 646

Round 3:

Lara Isabell: 491

Bonni Jee: 725

Agata Daszko: 484

Tilly (Ottilia) Tribe: 662

Round 4:

Lara Isabell: 533

Bonni Jee: 790

Tilly (Ottilia) Tribe: 706

Round 5:

Bonni Jee: 881

Tilly (Ottilia) Tribe: 813

Round 6:

Bonni Jee: 1,177

Total: 2,807

Sarah Lindgarde

Interview by Sophie Hunt

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