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"...DMA’s are set to grace Nottingham’s Rock City..."

As we should all be aware, DMA’s are set to grace Nottingham’s Rock City in late April, and if their upcoming album is anything like their newly released singles ‘Dawning’ and ‘In the Air’, we should be bloomin’ excited. If you are new to DMA’s, an accurate description of the Australian trio would be that they refreshingly modernise the Mancunian beauty and melodious ferociousness of The Stone Roses and Oasis.

DMA’s first album, Hills End, includes the fantastically charming tracks of ‘Delete’ and ‘Step Up The Morphine’, merged with the rousing ‘Too Soon’, and popular, ‘Lay Down’. The band also went viral with their brilliant rendition of Cher’s ‘Believe’ in a live session, giving an alternative, soft twist to the pop chart hit.

Whilst excited to hear the re-emergence of Hills End and the upcoming For Now, live, fans also look forward to witnessing their skinhead attire and charismatic stage presence.

Tommy, Mason and Johnny embark on their British tour on April 27th, the same day as their album release, and the U.K is undoubtedly ready for the trio to liven up the cold, dark start to 2018. We can say with certainty and passion that DMA’s are Australia’s answer to Brit-Pop, and with that, we look forward to their arrival.

Sadie Agg

Featured Image courtesy of DMA’s via Instagram

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