Exam Season Treats: Day trips away from Nottingham

It’s exam season, we are all feeling lethargic and downright fed up of Hallward/Georgey G. How to rectify this problem and re-energise ourselves (and in doing so, our essays), we all need breaks! In the form of a day trip to another city in close proximity to Nottingham of course. Impact Lifestyle has your back as you prepare to venture…

1. York

A mere two hour train journey is a small price to pay for a trip to this ancient city. Sporting a Minster, numerous museums including Castle Museum and Fairfax House – an authentic Georgian townhouse, ancient city walls and of course, Jorvik Viking Centre, York is a city for history lovers. Shops such as vintage wonderland Bowler Vintage, and edgy bars such as the hidden-down-an-alleyway Evil Eye combine to make York the perfect day out. Don’t forget to stop off at the York Roast Co. for a famous Yorkshire pudding wrap, or the Shambles market for incredible brownies – you will not regret it, although your waistline might!

Miles: 70

Cost: Train ticket day return from Nottingham with 16-25 railcard = cheapest return around £23.70 (by far the most expensive, but definitely worth it just for the day!)

2. Lincoln

Hosting a Cathedral (this one is free to enter!) with an old library open to the public, and the only place on this list to have a castle that actually looks like a castle, Lincoln is essential for the history-loving tourists amongst you. The steep hill leading to the cathedral and castle from the train station is worth the climb as it is dotted with bookshops, England’s oldest building and a hell of a lot of quaint tea shops which make the ascent well worth it. At the base of the hill is the main shopping area of the town, centred around Brayford Pool, overlooked by the University of Lincoln and many swans, and a site worth lazing around on a sunny day.

Miles: 32

Cost: Train ticket day return from Nottingham with 16-25 railcard = for an off-peak day return £7.95

3. Birmingham

The Bullring. What more do I need to say. If Nottingham’s Viccy Centre does not do it for you (is Broadmarsh even worth mentioning?), then head to the Bullring for a varied shopping experience, from clothes to books to food inside Selfridges. If you are a book lover, then the library is a must-visit location, with more books than you can count, strange escalators that carry you from one level to another and stunning views from the roofed garden that stretch across Birmingham. The museum is also worth a visit for its beautiful collection of pre-Raphaelites.

Miles: 45

Cost: Train ticket day return from Nottingham with 16-25 railcard = cheapest return £12.30

4. Leicester

Home to Richard III, Leicester is famed for its Plantagenet king, as can be seen in the testament to his life and bravery in battles, the Highcross Shopping Centre. Jokes aside, both Highcross and the King Richard III Visitor Centre are worth a look, as are the many, many, many vintage shops Leicester contains. Coffee fit for kings is found in St Martins, a kitsch coffeehouse where everything is homemade, and located in an area of the city where the shops surrounding it are boutiques selling unique clothing and gifts.

Miles: 22

Cost: Train ticket day return from Nottingham with 16-25 railcard = off-peak day return = £7.55

5. Sheffield

This list seems to be all about the shopping, especially this last entry, as Sheffield is home to the absolutely colossal Meadowhall (or Meadowhell when it is busy). Featuring that Midlands rarity, an Apple shop and a Hollister (gasp), Meadowhall is a great place to get your outfit for Grad Ball or the end of term Boat Party. Sheffield itself is home to peaceful gardens, and a plethora of vintage shops for all your needs, and as the cheapest place to visit on our list, it is well worth dragging yourself away from your laptop for a day away from Nottingham.

Miles: 33

Cost: Train ticket day return from Nottingham with 16-25 railcard = cheapest return £7.30

Amy Wilcockson

Featured image courtesy of Warrick Wayne on Flickr. License here.

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