Rosa’s Recommendation of the Week – Marrakesh

Shanai talks us through the third recommendation of the series.

Marrakesh, the best Moroccan bar and restaurant in Nottingham, is situated right in the heart of the city. It’s an enchanting venue that serves scrumptious authentic cuisine with a side of traditional music and belly dancing.

Not to be confused with its sister venue, Marrakesh Express, this restaurant is excellent for all occasions, including corporate events, birthdays, social drinks and many more. Surprisingly big inside, the venue nevertheless feels intimate with plush sofas, rich textures and vibrant colours, mimicking the Lebanese and Moroccan cultural fusion.

The moment you walk into the venue itself you are greeted by friendly staff who will endeavour to help you with the extensive food and drinks menu. Although it is slightly on the pricier side, with some of the more expensive dishes ranging from £15-£17, the portion sizes are very big and not very spicy for the weaker ones out there. The decorative way the chefs plate each dish is most definitely Snapchat-worthy given the aesthetic quality.

“a world away from the streets of Nottingham”

As far as the actual food menu is concerned, the variety of options is vast, from starters to mains to chef’s specials. As someone who doesn’t usually orders starters, I opted for the halloumi starter at Marrakesh. It’s by far one of the tastiest dishes I’ve had from traditional cuisine.

With the combination of friendly customer service and fine dining, it’s not uncommon for chatter to become loud and for dancing to commence. On Saturday evenings there is belly dancing as entertainment which creates a fun and lively atmosphere in the room as everyone claps along, some are even brave enough to showcase their dance moves too.

Music, both traditional and non-traditional, fills the room, providing an exotic ambience and making you feel like you’re in the heart of a Moroccan town – a world away from the streets of Nottingham. The food options include Mixed Lebanese Grill (for two if you take a date), Lamb Curry with Couscous and rice and much more. With an array of exciting cocktails to choose from as well, what’s not to like?

Despite some of the prices, the atmosphere, entertainment and food itself makes your visit extremely worthwhile. I highly recommend Marrakesh for all of these factors and for the pleasantry of the staff. And you never know, the belly dancer inside of you may just make its first appearance!

Shanai Momi

All images courtesy of Marrakesh via Facebook.

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