Comfort Food – Chicken Pasta Bake

James talks us through the first recipe in November's Comfort Food series.

I can’t promise that it’ll be as good as you mum’s, but this dish is a true winter warmer, perfect for this cold snap. 


This recipe makes four servings.

200g pasta

500ml milk

2 rashers bacon

2 carrots

2 tbsp flour

25ml water

2 eggs

10g butter

2 chicken breasts

125g cheddar

2 garlic cloves

50g peas


  • Preheat oven to 180°C with deep baking dish. Then slice chicken and bacon, dice carrots and chop garlic and fry on medium heat until chicken is cooked through.

  • Meanwhile, boil the eggs and cook pasta for 8-10 minutes.
  • While everything else is cooking, pour all of the milk and butter into a saucepan on a low heat, then slowly add the flour and cheese and bring up to boil and stir constantly until thick but pourable.
  • Remove dish from the oven and pour in pasta, sauce and frying contents. Peel and dice the hard boiled eggs and place them in. Pour in the peas and any additional veg you so desire (don’t worry if they’re frozen. They’ll cook, trust me). Then mix everything together and grate cheese over the top (there’s no limit to how much cheese to use here, just go crazy).
  • Place dish back in the oven for 20-30 minutes until the cheese is golden brown. Ta dah! You’ve got yourself a gourmet comfort dish.

James Hurman 

All images courtesy of James Hurman. 

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