How to decorate your student accommodation for Christmas

When the winter season comes around, bringing with it dark nights, short days, and more mince pies than you can shake a stick at, it can sometimes be demoralising to come home to a flat, house, or room that’s depressingly beige and non-festive.

But fear not, because there are some easy things you can do to cosy up your living space. They are cheap, quick, and fun ideas which might just get you in the festive mood, or at least give your brain a rest at the end of a hectic semester.

1.Fairy lights

I feel that the majority of student households have at least one room which contains fairy lights, so it cannot hurt to add more. I keep my up all year round to make the room feel cosy, but they can be an easy way to make a room bright and cheerful even as the sun sets earlier and earlier. Hang them around your bed, your window, or even out into the rest of the building, and spread the festive twinkle

2. Tinsel

Love it or hate it, tinsel is a Christmas staple. Whether it is wound around a tree or used to make a halo for your nativity angel, it comes in all colours and designs and is fairly cheap from any decent store. You can buy two meters of it from Wilko and simply pin or tack it here and there, and bring some shine to your magnolia-painted walls.

3. A Wreath

What I would consider a ‘grown up’ holiday decoration, wreaths are simple and yet, like tinsel, so diverse. Hanging one in a window or on your door shows the outside world that you are sophisticated in your celebration of the holiday, even if beyond this your house is a typical student property.

4. Christmas music

I love Christmas music. It is relaxing and reminds me of good times, so why shouldn’t I get to bring those vibes into my student flat? Having Frank Sinatra or Eartha Kitt crooning away is the perfect way to make you feel Christmassy, and there are some excellent Spotify playlists out there. Simply press play and enjoy.

5. Paper snowflakes

Do not lie to me—everyone, and I mean everyone, loves a bit of cutting-and-sticking. Whip out some scissors, some paper, and glue, and make yourself a snowflake. You can find a whole bunch of templates online but making your own designs is just as fun. This will bring you back to your childhood and before you know it your flat or room will look like Buddy the Elf has visited.

6. A Christmas tree

No, I’m not talking about bringing in a real-life tree unless you have a decent hoover and a landlord who is chill with the fire risk, but even getting a tiny one-foot fake tree and putting it on a table somewhere can seriously make a room seem festive. You can even decorate it with your housemates, or alone, if you are a control freak, and it can be easily packed away come January.

Esme Johnson

Featured Image courtesy of Jed De La Cruz via Flicker. Image license found here.

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