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In a brand new series, members of the Impact Team talk us through their festive favourites. First up is the Management Team.

The festive season rapidly approaching can only mean one thing: the best time of year for food is also rapidly approaching! With so many options for food being on offer, there is lots to pick from, and consequently a large variety of festive favourites. With this in mind, I have asked members of the Impact Team to discuss their festive favourites.

Name: Emma Heasman 

Position: Editor-in-Chief

Festive Favourite: Festive Sandwiches

Let’s be honest, we all love a roast dinner, but as much as we do, being students we can’t always afford one. Luckily for us, there is a solution… BEHOLD THE FESTIVE SANDWICH! Fear not roast fans, a festive sandwich is a popular meal, with Boots, Tesco and even independent cafés favouring this little piece of Christmas heaven, whether you’re a turkey fan or more of a brie and cranberry kinda guy, we’re all able to enjoy a small piece of Christmas day at any time and for any occasion!

Name: Sophie Hunt

Position: Online Editor 

Festive Favourite: Chocolate Log

Forget Christmas pudding and mince pies, they’re overrated in my opinion, it’s all about the humble chocolate log. Eat it hot, eat it cold, this festive treat will never get old. Always a trusty crowd-pleaser, offer it to any and every family member. It might even put a smile on your grumpy great aunt’s face. Let’s be honest, if you don’t like chocolate then you’re a certified psychopath. Pair with cream, ice cream or chocolate sauce for the dreamiest dessert. Just make sure to save room for pudding!

Name: Sian Baldwin

Position: External Manager

Festive Favourite: Festive Drinks

We all know that one of the best parts about Christmas is the food, but let’s not overlook the excitement of a festive beverage. If you’re a lover of the warmth of cinnamon and nutmeg flavours, then you’re in luck, as mulled wine and cider are in abundance at every Christmas market up and down the country. At this point in the year, coffee shops will also release their festive menus, much to the delight of all the gingerbread and salted caramel fans. Whether you spend Christmas Eve drinking an ice-cold Baileys or have sherry for breakfast on the 25th of December, the holiday season really does have something special for everyone.

Name: Alana McKenna

Position: Internal Manager

Festive Favourite: Eggs Benedict 

Whilst dinner is undoubtedly the main event on Christmas Day, breakfast is definitely a close runner up. Eggs Benedict is always my go-to, and an absolute essential when it comes to getting some quick fuel in ready for a long day of over-indulgence. This is a very simple yet effective dish, and quick enough to make so that you don’t have to get too impatient whilst waiting to check out what pressies have been left under the tree.

All you need to do is chuck a batch of toasting muffins in the toaster, get some eggs on the go and get the hollandaise sauce heated up and you’re good to go, before putting it all together for a guaranteed delicious breakfast. Whether you want to add parma ham, or you’re a veggie and go without, this breakfast is always a crowd-pleaser. Pairing with Buck’s Fizz is optional, but highly recommended to kickstart the Christmas spirit.

Words by Emma Heasman, Sophie Hunt, Sian Baldwin, and Alana McKenna. Words collated by Rosa Morgan. 

Featured image courtesy of Kevin Dooley via Flickr, no changes made to this image. Image license can be found here.

Article images courtesy of Sophie Hunt.

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