Meet the Team and Their Festive Favourites – Reviews

In the third article in the series, the Reviews Team reveal their festive favourites!

With there being so many festive food options on offer, the Reviews Team talk us through their festive favourites.

Name: Katie Moncur

Position: Head of Reviews

Festive Favourite: Stuffing

A regularly overlooked part of the Christmas meal, stuffing, for me, is an underrated ball of deliciousness. Whether it’s sage and onion, chestnut or pork, dollop some gravy on it, whack it on the fork with the rest of the meal or savour it alone and it will never fail to disappoint! Like it soft? Like it crunchy? Find that perfect balance and make sure you keep it going for days to improve the roast and make those post-Christmas sandwiches a whole lot better. The mystery of the unknown ingredients of this delightful food makes it all the more exciting, so go on, take a bite and get stuffed on stuffing this Christmas.

Name: James Hurman 

Position: Reviews Editor 

Festive Favourite: Pigs in Blankets

What is unquestionably the best part of Christmas dinner? The roasties and gravy? Close. The company? Don’t make me laugh. It’s obviously pigs in blankets: the meat eater’s dream. What’s better than one delicious pork based delicacy? That’s right, wrapping it in another for the best kind of pig-on-pig treat. A Christmas staple since 1957, it’s not going out of fashion any time soon. Also known as ‘Devils on Horseback’, ‘Kilted Sausages’ and (understandably less popularly) ‘Weiner Winks’, feel free to take your pick this Christmas. If you’re a vegetarian, don’t feel bad, just remember that you’re doing your part for the planet… oh and there’s more for everyone else.

Words by Katie Moncur and James Hurman. Words collated by Rosa Morgan. 

Featured image courtesy of Kevin Dooley via Flickr, no changes made to this image. Image license can be found here.

Article images courtesy of Sophie Hunt.

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