Rosa’s Recommendation of the Week: Homeboys

Inga talks us through this week's recommendation.

So upon hearing of the arrival of the Nottingham Street Food Club in the Victoria Centre, I endeavoured to find what yummy treats they would be serving way back in December and heard of the company called Homeboys. Sadly the weekend I was planning on going to visit and stuff my belly silly Homeboys cancelled… however I managed to go in January! And oh boy, was it worth the wait!

The Nottingham Street Food Club region of the Victoria Centre on the upper level has a definite vibe to it, I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t been before! There is a mini bar where you can order drinks and three different street food companies serve at the different mini-shacks every week. Amongst this is a casual ‘urban’ eating area, with funky chairs and wood tables to create a nice, almost community-like atmosphere where you just sit wherever there is a spot.

Homeboys’ prices range from £8-£15 and I got this spicy pork ramen bowl for £9.95. Not to blow its trumpet, but I honestly believe that this ramen is the lushest and best ramen I’ve ever had. It had perfect elements of spice to richness, and was filling and featured noodles, pork, sweetcorn, spring onions, egg, and chia and sesame seeds, all swimming in a bowl of rich, gorgeous ramen sauce.

Homeboys are back in Nottingham Street Food Club on various weeks and this weekends, and although it’s a bit more on the pricey side for a student budget, if you are looking for a treat at the weekend it really is just perfect! Further to this, the little bit of spice, might just help you fight the horrible colds and flus we all get this time of year!

Inga Becker-Hansen

Featured image courtesy of Homeboys via Facebook

Article image courtesy of Inga Becker-Hansen. 

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